WEEK 4 IN WEB: Career Fair & Outdoor games

Our week 4 began with a relaxing and warm weathered long weekend! On Saturday evening we were invited by two of the high school teachers
for dinner (shout out to Jason and Krystyna for the best veggie chili!) and we loved getting to hear about their experiences and perspectives as teachers in the community. After dinner we were welcomed home by a group of our students who were eager for us to join them in some outdoor activities! We had a blast going down to the water, playing hide and go seek and bonding with the kids outside of the classroom. Sunday and Monday seemed to fly by as we went on runs in the mornings (still working on that cardio!), planned some lessons for the week, and then met with a group of kids to play outdoors for a couple hours.

At the beginning of the week we saw the ice begin to melt…
… and by the end of the week most of it was gone!!

Tuesday morning, we had the opportunity to attend the SJMEC monthly assembly. This was a special treat for us because during the assembly students were honoured for their academic improvement, good citizenship, and perfect attendance. We were so proud to see so many of our students get certificates as they had their efforts acknowledged and celebrated! Congrats to all! The rest of the day on Tuesday we gave lessons on our themes of the week: germs & hygiene for the younger kids, and mental health for the older kids. It was really great to see our students get involved with the lessons and the activities we had planned as the younger kids giggled really hard during our sing-alongs in the germs lessons and the older kids really showcased their creativity as they coloured in their Mandala-styled animals during the mental health lessons.

So proud of our students that got certificates at the SJMEC assembly!

Our school day was cut short on Wednesday due to the highly-anticipated career–fair which takes place annually in the school gym. Since our arrival we’ve heard all about the career fair and it did not disappoint! At 1:00 pm sharp the school gymnasium was absolutely packed, as the organizations that come to work within and around the Webequie reserve had booths. Most of the community members came to see the different potential employment opportunities, and also get in on the freebies, raffle bids, hair cuts (etc.) that the career fair offered. We really enjoyed the opportunity to experience on of the highly anticipated events in Webequie and it was great to see so much of the community support this event! We’ve truly never seen the gym so packed!

Four legged & two legged friends come together!
The evening crew!

Unfortunately, our time in the classroom was cut drastically this week as school was cancelled again on the Thursday and Friday afternoon due to unforeseen circumstances, but we made the most of the free time! We took the opportunity to further connect with our students, learn more about the Webequie culture, and have informal discussions surrounding health outside of the classroom. Our students know where they can come to find us if they want to go for nature walks, explore, and have long chats. On Thursday evening we noticed that the ice had completely melted and so we all went to the water and made tiny villages out of the sticks, leaves and other objects that had washed ashore! On Friday afternoon we had a friendship bracelet making party at the pow-wow ground because the weather was so nice! And of course, we’re happy to have the routine of ending off our days playing outdoor games like tag, hide and go seek, and capture the flag with our students. The kids are so so so good at hiding but Nat & Gabi are definitely getting better at seeking!

Warmer weather meant outdoor friendship bracelet making!
Our waterfront “Cities”!
The “Mayors” of our cities!

As we enter our last week in Webequie we can’t believe how fast the time has flown! Looking back we feel like we’ve truly been able to make the most of each week and we’re so grateful to all the friends we’ve made and to the Webequie community for being so welcoming! Going into this last week as we focus on mental health, physical activity, and nutrition, we’re eager to really enjoy each moment. Here’s to the wonderful week ahead!!!

Your favourite Web PE’s: Gabi & Nat !!

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