Sunsets and Soccer Baseball in Salluit

Week three brought many more health discussions, after school activities and beautiful sunsets. As another fun and productive week passes we look forward to sharing with you some of our stories.

One of many sunsets!

This week at Pigurivik we focused our lessons on bullying, how to recognize it and how to effectively respond. We finished our lessons off with an anti- bullying pledge that the students eagerly signed. The pledges are hanging in the school lobby and the students and staff are proud to see all of these young students promoting a safer school.

Some grade 3 students signing the pledge

We taught a variety of lessons at Ikusik including mental health, bullying and smoking. We were so impressed by the participation from students in the variety of hands-on activities and the thoughtful and insightful questions that were brought up through these discussions.

At the Boys Rehab we continued our lessons surrounding the topic of sexual health. The boys’ competitive nature motivated them through the two games of Jeopardy which was a great way to summarize our lessons to date.

This week we were lucky to get our fair share of ice time. On Sunday, we joined the Salluit Amaruq girl’s hockey team as they had one of their final practices before their big end of year tournament in Toronto. It’s incredible to think that these girls just started skating these year – their cross-overs and backwards skating are looking great! On Tuesday after school we joined our students at public skating. We love racing them around the rink and playing lots of tag. On Thursday, we played another fast paced game of hockey with the Boys Rehab. These boys never fail to impress!

We love skating!

On Monday, we ran an after school program with stress ball and bracelet making. Of course, there we lots of healthy snacks and the kids devoured frozen blueberries and yogurt. On Thursday, we had the awesome opportunity to hike to the inukshuk with the students and Thomas from Youth Fusion. This was an amazing experience and the view at the top was breathtaking. We will definitely be back to the inukshuk (with warmer socks and boots!). Our evenings have been filled with countless rounds of soccer baseball. We have come to expect lots of knocks on the door each night inviting us to join the next game!

The famous inukshuk!
Cold but happy smiles 🙂

This week we were excited to share one of our favourite power ball recipes with the students. These peanut butter/oat snacks were a huge hit at Ikusik and the Boys Rehab and we were happy to share this easy recipe so they could be made at home!


We love chatting with the local teachers at the school. On Friday, we helped some teachers make breakfast for their classes while jamming out to the Salluit Band. Check out the band here: 

In our free time we’ve loved getting to know the police and nursing staff while working out at the gym. It’s interesting to learn more about the other individuals who contribute to the community.

This long weekend we’re looking forward to hiking with students, playing soccer baseball and lesson planning for another great week of health discussions!

Your Sal Pals (Kate & Kathryn)

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