WEEK 2 IN WEB: Science Fair, Salad & Sunshine!

Hello everyone, it’s your favourite Webequie PE’s – Nat & Gabi – back with another weekly update!!

Our friendship pact we made with the Grade 1’s during our lesson on Friendship!

Our second week seems to have flown by as we had our first full week of teaching at Simon Jacob Memorial Education Center (SJMEC)! This weeks lessons we focused on the themes of emotions & friendship with the younger students, and self-esteem & goal setting for the older students! Throughout the week we had some really great lessons as we had a blast making friendship bracelets with the grade 1-3’s, we played ball games with the older grades to discuss goal setting and we watched some inspiring YouTube clips with our High School Students to help them focus on leadership. We never knew what to expect when going into each lesson but we always came prepared with fun activities, information and relatable video clips. We loved getting to spend time with out students in the classroom setting and we were so impressed by how much they engaged with our lessons. We’ve gotten much more familiar with our students and we’re always so happy when they run up to give us hugs and see how we are when they see us walking around the community. 

Gabi celebrating reaching North Point with a very appropriately sized walking stick!

On Wednesday evening we continued to work towards sewing our own pair of mittens. Unfortunately the sewing club was cancelled due to a flea market event at the band hall but we still made the time to work on our mittens. As neither of us are sure whether we are correctly following the proper steps, we’re eager for the next sewing night so we can re-connect with our favourite sewing teacher Madeline, and she can remind us what the next steps are in our mitten making process! After working on our mittens we decided to explore the north side of the island and we finally made it to the Northern point! We had heard so much about the view from previous PE’s and as we reached it we even began noticing that the ice on the lake was melting as a result of the sunnier weather we’ve been having!

Nat modelling our gloves that still have a long way to go!!

Our classes got cancelled on Thursday but we didn’t mind because it was all to prepare for the annual science fair that would be held in the afternoon! We were absolutely blown away by how creative and intelligent our students were and we saw so many good projects. We loved seeing all the hard work that our students  had put into learning about rodent racing, our 5 senses, animals, plant growing, electric circuits, baking soda experiments, and the different kinds of forces.

The Grade 3’s were so knowledgable about gravitational, electric, muscular and magnetic force!
The Grade 8’s put two Guinea Pigs and Hamster to the test in the maze they built!

The science fair was held in the gym and many parents, guardians and community members also attended in order to show the students support. Shout out to the Grade 6’s to growing some tasty kale that we were able to bring home with us! We didn’t expect to find kale up North and definitely made the most of it as we we’re able to create a delicious salad that has been on of our favourite meals to date!

We’re still thinking about this meal! Kale, quinoa, corn, chickpeas, cucumber and onions = YUM!

We finished off our week with a couple more lessons and a Mothers Day cookout on Friday afternoon! All our students had been working hard throughout the week creating different crafts to gift their mothers and show them their appreciation. It was so nice seeing how much love our students had for the female role models they had in their lives and we loved getting to see the community support all the moms! We want to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!! Special shout out to our moms – Alejandra & Jana – for being a constant source of love and support! We love you!

This weekend we’ve been gifted with some pretty warm and sunny weather! We’ve focused on spending time with our students playing games like tag, going on walks, lesson planning, and we even decided to follow the lead of our Sal Pals, PE’s Kate and Kathryn, as we started going on runs in the community! As expected the first one was brutal (see photo of two tomatoes welcoming you to Webequie down below), but we won’t be discouraged!! We want to extend our admiration at the hill training our Sal Pals have been doing in the snowy temperatures. You gals sure know how to set the bar high!

Two tomatoes trying to lead by example and inspire our students to engage in physical activity!

Moving forward, we are very excited to enter our third week in the Webequie community and we look forward to this weeks lessons which will be focusing on bullying, substances, and safe social media usage! Stay tuned!

  • Nat and Gabi xoxo

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