Snowstorms and Cancelled Flights and Ice Cream, Oh My!

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog! We are so incredibly excited to collaborate with the community of Fort Good Hope, NWT for the first official summer initiative with QHO.

We are finally sitting together in the wolf inspired room in Embleton House, run by the lovely Faith and Ken, in Yellowknife. When we say finally, we really mean finally! It has been a stressful few days with rerouted flights because of a snowstorm. A huge shout-out to my parents for providing emotional support and subsistence in the form of food, Uncle Gerben and Aunt Audrey for a place to stay (and a delicious rice dish) in Ottawa and my brother Peter, sister in-law Devon and niece Oona for the quick overnight stay in Vancouver!

Our motto has become, when in doubt, eat an ice cream cone and handle any travel challenges.

We are so grateful for not only the support, guidance and love from our friends, family and fellow QHO members these past couple of days but throughout this entire year as we have prepared and fundraised for initiative. After what we are sure will be a great sleep in Yellowknife, we will fly to Fort Good Hope tomorrow. Stay tuned as we update our blog over the next 5 weeks!

Ready for take off!

Love, Sophie and Naomi

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