Done Week 4 and We Want More!!!

Hello dedicated blog followers!! Sarah and Jamie are back once again to fill you in since last Monday.

This past week was busy busy busy at Simon Jacob Memorial Education Centre. On Tuesday the entire school participated in a community cleanup run by the band hall which we were able to join in on with many of the classrooms. On Wednesday the school hosted the Career Fair, where local organizations and companies came and displayed information about various careers for the students to explore. Tom Jackson, a Canadian-born Métis actor and singer, also visited as a special guest, and was definitely an inspiring figure for both us and the kids to speak to! On Thursday, Turtle Concepts visited the school to run workshops with the students, which is an organization that focuses on building self-esteem and confidence in youth. We were very grateful to be able to talk to the people running these workshops as our discussions with them definitely expanded our knowledge on topics that we and Queen’s Health Outreach are very passionate about! On Friday, the school had their end of the month assembly, where we were able to watch many of the students we have become close with receive awards for their outstanding work and character – we are so proud!!

In the classroom we finished up our conversations on emotions, body parts, puberty and sexual health, and began our lessons on friendships and bullying with the younger grades and bullying, cyberbullying, and safe internet use with the older grades. We will be continuing these conversations throughout this week and also be progressing into mental health, stress, and coping strategies with the older grades. We are so excited to discuss such important topics with such amazing students!!

The ice has finally broken on Winisk Lake, and we were lucky enough to get out on the water this past weekend in a canoe thanks to a teacher from the school. Our fingers are crossed that the warmer weather stays as it has allowed us more opportunities to hang out and play sports with the kids after school! We cannot believe that we have just over a week left of initiative (sad) but are excited to see what the next few days in the classrooms and community will bring.

~Later Days~

Sarah and Jamie

Quote of the Day: “Live for the moments you cannot put into words”

**Photos to come, the internet is being uncooperative at the moment***

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