Dogs, Dogos and the Occasional Goat!

Hi Everyone!

We have had an amazing week 4 filled with lot of learning and continuing peer to peer education! This week we continued sexual health with the Jr. High class and allowed them to gain a solid understanding of why it is important we know so much about our bodies. We also worked on goal setting with the younger classes and encouraged them to dream big for their futures!

On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to Spring Camp again, but this time we went with the grade 6 class! We got a little wet by the rain but remained in high spirits and had a great time! It was “spring cleaning day” at school the day we went to camp, so we did our part by picking up garbage along the side of the road. The grade 6’s picked up more than 7 bags full of garbage, which we were very impressed with! Due to the rain we were invited to come back the next afternoon and work on dream catchers with the kids and were taught how to make them by some of the elders.

The ice has broken on the Mackenzie River, which has brought the warm weather and sunshine! It has been summer weather for the past few days now and we are wishing we had packed some shorts! We cannot wait to see what our last week in the classrooms will bring and are sad that initiative is quickly coming to an end!

Xoxo Chantal and Leah

Ps: We have made 1000 new dog friends and could not be happier seeing them around town every day!!!

Salmon smoking at spring camp!

hung out with some of the students this weekend!

Chantal feeding the neighbourhood goats

Leah and Loki making an everlasting friendship

The dream catchers we made at spring camp this week!

Chantal and Olivia one of our grade 6 students making friends with the local pups at spring camp

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