Week 5 = Games and Girls Nights !!

Sal Pals here with another snazzy and snowy update!!

We thought it would be fun to update you all on our long weekend and all the activities we have been up to. On Friday, we started off the weekend right with an awesome evening of board games and movies. Danica played her first game of Pandemic, which she got the hang of right away (a future board game superstar for sure).

We planned a hike with our students for Saturday morning to the beautiful Salluit sign. We were blessed with the most amazing weather and, despite falling a few times, made it to the top to enjoy a beautiful view of Salluit. Everyday seems to be getting so much warmer and sunnier, although we haven’t decided if maybe we’re finally just getting used to Salluit’s “unique” weather. We have been told that this has been the coldest winter in 50 years, so we feel honored to have braved these chilly days with everyone else.

Saturday night we decided to celebrate the warmer spring temperatures with a fajita night and lots of summer playlists, not to mention a dance party or two, (the kids are teaching us all our new moves).

For the rest of the weekend, we enjoyed having time to plan some exciting lessons for our upcoming week on healthy relationships/friendships and consent and meeting new dogs in the community (so! many! puppies!). On Monday, we had a nice relaxing day and continued to further Danica’s board game education with three exciting rounds of Settlers of Catan, again by the third round Danica was quickly becoming an expert.

We have really enjoyed teaching our lessons this week, with our younger students learning all about the different emotions we feel and how to handle them, and our older students working on how to form healthy relationships and the idea of consent. We continue to be so impressed with our students and their maturity when having conversations about some of the tougher topics.

And finally… Wednesday night!! We hosted our long-awaited girl’s night and were so glad to have so many girls come out and spend their evenings with us. We had a spaghetti dinner together, and then made lots of bracelets and painted lots of nails. We were also able to share our intense love for adult coloring books with the girls, which was very fun. We finished the night with super yummy peanut butter cookies made by all our lovely girls, which thankfully used up a large amount of our remaining 2 kg of peanut butter. It was a night filled with polaroid pictures, snapchat selfies, and laughs and we had so much fun hanging out!!

Heroic Health moment:

With our boys at the Rehab Centre this week, we were able to teach one lesson on consent and healthy relationships and one on sexual health. Our heroic health moment of the week is all about how impressed we were by the boy’s behaviour in our sexual health lesson. While a few giggles were expected, the boys were so focused the entire time and asked so many amazing questions that allowed us to have some awesome conversations as a group.

Fabulous Funny moment:

While our girl’s night went over so well and we all had a great time, we experienced a few minor technical difficulties surrounding our spaghetti dinner. Danica quickly learned that the phrase “a watched pot never boils” truly has some ground in reality when it took us about 35 minutes to boil water. While all the girls were so patient, it was pretty comical to watch Danica try and fit enough pasta for 16 girls in one pot while Sophie was running back and forth to our house to grab eggs for our peanut butter cookies. Despite briefly sinking into a metre of snow on an egg run, we managed to provide a full dinner and dessert and none of the girls were the wiser. All in all a hilarious, but awesome night!!

Stay snazzy!!

Love always,

Your Sal Pals <3

Our little chefs making some delicious peanut butter cookies!

Bracelets at girls night!

Made it to the Salluit sign!

Danica and the Arctic Ocean!

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  1. Great to hear the lessons are going well. I agree with the congrats to the boys class.

    The pictures of the girls night out are fantastic. Hope your week goes well with the next lessons. Stay warm!

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