Waterfalling for Fort Prov

Hi Everyone!

We can’t believe initiative is more than half over already!! We have done so many incredible things since being here and we cannot thank everyone in Fort Providence that has been so welcoming to us during the last 3 weeks!

This past week we have opened the classroom discussions about drugs and alcohol with the older kids and how to have proper hygiene with the younger grades. We played some really fun games outside the classroom with kids on the playground and helped facilitate the track and field fun day with the entire school! It was great to see kids in all grades working together to accomplish mutual goals and tasks. We also introduced the topic of sexual health to some classes and are excited to move forward with our peer to peer learning this upcoming week.

On Wednesday, we went to a barbecue at the Aurora College professor’s house with some of the teachers at Deh Gah school. He asked us to come and discuss post secondary education with some of his students and we couldn’t be more excited to share our university experience with some of the students at Aurora College. We hope that we can inspire some of the students to consider post secondary education either online or at a school of their choice and really grasp the importance of education.

We also saw a bison on the drive home from this barbecue and it was feeding in one of the neighbours backyards! It was very very cool to see a bison so close in person, but we kept our distance and made sure we didn’t disturb it.

Due to the Victoria Day long weekend, we didn’t have school on Friday or Monday! We were very excited to go camping with Greg (one of the support teachers at the school), Shanna (the principal of Deh Gah and Linnea’s sister) and Linnea (the teacher we are staying with)! Bay and Paddle (Linnea and Shanna’s dogs) also came camping with us and we had such a great time! On Thursday night we stayed at Lady Evelyn Falls Campground and fell asleep to the calming sounds of the waterfall beside the campground and on Friday and Saturday nights we stayed at Twin Falls Campground in Enterprise which had both Alexandra Falls and Louise Falls to explore! The weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire weekend and we even got to go canoeing in Kakisa, the small town that is near Lady Evelyn Falls! We were very lucky to have Greg with us as he has been in the area for more than 30 years and has so much knowledge about the north!

We are enjoying our Monday off and can’t wait to start week 4!!!

Fact of the week: Greg taught us that all of the communities that have the word Fort in front of the name is because they used to have a trading post in the community (i.e.: Fort Providence, Fort Good Hope, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson etc.)


Chao for now!

xoxo Chantal and Leah

Canoeing in Kakisa with the icebergs was such a cool experience!!!


Inuksuk in front of Louise Falls!


Gorgeous George of the Hay River


The bottom of the falls was even more spectacular than the top!


Lady evelyn falls at sunset was incredible


Leah and Willow one of the kindergarten kids on the playground 🙂


Bison in our neighbour’s yard!


A little sunburnt from canoeing but still smiling


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  1. Really enjoying your weekly blog Chantal. This one was the best yet! Loved the photos!
    What a wonderful experience!

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