Lonnng Weekends in Webequie!

Hello dedicated blog followers!! Sarah and Jamie are back & ready to fill you all in since last Sunday!

We started off last week in the classroom by delving into puberty with the grades 4’s and 5’s. We were able to split up the classes into boys and girls, with Sarah leading conversations with the girls and Jamie with the boys. These lessons were open and honest and filled with giggles and questions, and we were both super happy with how receptive they were with this topic!! At the end of the week, they definitely proved how much they learned through puberty jeopardy – a hit in both of these classrooms.

With the 7&8’s we also reviewed puberty as a classroom and moved into sexual health, healthy relationships and the importance of consent. These classes continue to keep us on our feet through their insightful questions they put in the question box.

Jamie with our favourite teaching tool – the QHO Question Box!!

With the grades 1/2/3’s, we focused on identifying our emotions and how to handle harder emotions. This included lots of silly faces, colouring, and stickers!!! In the kindergarten classrooms we talked all about dental hygiene and practiced brushing our teeth using a giant teeth and toothbrush set.

In the high school classes we also talked about emotional health and coping strategies, as well as peer pressure and informed decision making. These lessons consisted of  open-ended written discussion questions and individualized learning activities, which we have found to be most effective with these bright students! We feel so grateful to discuss such important topics with all of these students and have learned so much from them through these conversations.

Spring has sprung in Webequie over this past long weekend, which has allowed us to expand our group of dog friends through our many walks and runs around the community. We are continually amazed by the natural beauty of the island and cannot put into words how amazing the sunsets are here!

Another new dog friend!!

This upcoming week is going to be a jammed-packed one and so we have spent most of our weekend lesson planning to prepare ourselves. On Wednesday the school is hosting a career fair, where visitors to Webequie display information about various careers for the students to explore. We have been asked to set up a booth about Queen’s Health Outreach, and how to be a student health advocate and community leader. We are also starting an after-school healthy baking club this week with the older students which we are super excited for!! We are now over half-way through initiative and are taking in every minute of every day and enjoying all the time we have left with all of the amazing students and people we have met in this lovely community.

~Later Days~

Sarah and Jamie

Quote of the day “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

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