Week 2: bannock, beading and sun burns!!

Hey everyone!

This week flew by!! We had the opportunity to do so many amazing things that we learned so so much from! The classrooms this week were full of energy and we continued to develop some great peer to peer relationships.

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to go to spring camp with the K-1 class and had a blast! Spring camp is when each class spends a week on the land learning traditional practices! We had so much fun with the kids and they taught us so much! We started the day exploring and looking for bugs. Chantal found a bunch of frog eggs that the kids were obsessed with and played with for the rest of the day. One girl named Gitta opted out of playing hide and go seek later on that day in order to “take care of her babies”. She was very dedicated to making sure that the frog eggs were safe and loved. We also had the chance to see one of the elders prepare duck soup for lunch and we both tried it for the first time! Leah really liked it, while Chantal (the non meat eater) wasn’t as keen for it but she liked the broth. The soup was particularly good when we dipped our bannock in it that one of the grandma’s made for the class!

After lunch, we went on an adventure to find Labrador leaves to make Labrador tea! It is said to have healing qualities and is really good for the immune system. We also found some Red Willow and stripped the bark off of it to make a herbal remedy that is said to help with digestion and for upset stomachs. Jonas, one of the language teachers at the school, even showed us how to de-bone and filet a fish!! It was a great day and we had so much fun playing with the kids outside the classroom!

Thursday night, we decided to go for a walk around town. We went and saw the site where the Sacred Heart Mission Residential School once was and payed our respects to all who were buried there. We then made our way along the back road where we saw so many dogs and the absolute cutest puppies!! Leah learned the hard way that you can get a sunburn from 6-8pm even when it isn’t that sunny out. It was so great seeing the town and getting a better feeling for our surroundings.

On Friday, Diana, the grade 6 teacher at Deh Gah school taught us how to bead! Her class was making lanyards as presents for mothers day so she took the time to teach us too! It was very nice of her to teach us and we have created some incredible lanyards and key chains!

We are almost at our halfway point and are sad initiative is flying by so quickly! We can’t wait for what week 3 has in store for us!

Chao for now

xoxo Chantal and Leah

The ice on the Mackenzie river breaking

Flowers we made in the grade 6 class with compliments to one another on them

Some of the labrador leaves that we got to make tea

The K-1 class at spring camp!! 🙂 

Gitta and the frog eggs

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