Week TWO!!!

And just like that we’re back again after another busy week! Time truly is FLYING.

In the younger classrooms this past week we continued to focus on healthy eating and also introduced body parts and the concept of consent. The kids loved seeing Jamie trace and draw out a life-size Sarah on construction paper, especially when her hands were out of proportion to her head! With the older classes (grade 6,7,8s) we discussed substances and substance abuse, as well as how to deal with peer pressure. Oh, and of course, the Winnipeg Jets. With the Grade 11 and 12s we discussed effective communication and different leadership qualities. On Friday we also got the chance to work on friendships within the classroom with the Grade 4 class, which featured friendship bracelet making – the best!!! We are so excited to have the opportunity to discuss such important topics with all of these students and are looking forward to working with them over the next few weeks.

Friendship building with our Grade 4’s!!


Mural at Simon Jacob Memorial Education Centre

This week we both had the special opportunity to attend sweat lodge ceremonies, which is a traditional practice that promotes healing and healthy living. The ceremony was led by Bob, an incredible community member who we got the chance to speak to on Tuesday about Webequie’s unique culture and traditions. More and more we are getting to know community members through events at the school, beading nights, and on our walks around the community. We feel so grateful to gain additional perspectives with every new conversation we have.

Today we finally ventured out to North Point, which, as the name implies, is the north point of the island! The view here is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and the pictures definitely do not do it justice. Without a doubt we will be hiking back here soon!

Our view from North Point!

In the classrooms this week with the younger grades we will be working on healthy emotions and behaviours, which will be featuring many activities and crafts!!! With the older classes we will be discussing all things puberty (grade 4, 5, 6,7,8s) and sex (grade 7 & 8s) and are prepared for many giggles and ‘ewwwwwwwww’s. With the high school students, we will be focusing on emotional health, coping strategies, and peer pressure. One of the coolest things about working with all of these students is the number of things they have taught us – we are definitely excited to continue on with this mutual learning!

That is all for now, but we will be sure to update you all as new opportunities come our way! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Aunties, and GoGos out there – we thank you for all that you do!!!

~Later days~

Sarah and Jamie

Quote of the Day: “The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein

***This was supposed to be posted Sunday but due to connection issues here we are****

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