Week 2 = Progress !!

Hello all!

It’s your Sal Pals here with an update on our second week!! This has been a busy week of nutrition lessons in the classroom. We had our first lessons at the Youth Rehab Centre, and then continued throughout the week with lessons at Pigiurivik Elementary School and Ikusik High School. In the younger grades, we focused a lot on recognizing the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods and our four food groups. They made us lots of beautiful artwork with all their favourite foods, we wish we could hang them all on our walls! With the older students, we got to do some cooking and talked a lot about planning a balanced diet and meal prep. With their exams coming up, we had a lot of awesome chats about how planning meals ahead can help relieve some of the stress of studying (something we both knew pretty well!)

Each of our days has been pretty action packed and very busy, and we are both getting settled into our daily routine. Outside of the classroom, we have really enjoyed getting to know the students better and seeing them around the community. An update on the wide variety of names that we seem to be called… most of our students have got Sophie down pat, but Danica still receives most commonly “other Sophie”, “I forgot your name”, and perhaps most creatively “Shamus” (still unsure about that one). She has just made a habit of responding to any three-syllable word that seems to end in ‘a’, it’s been working out so far!

We also had the chance to go swimming with the Grade 3 class at the indoor swimming pool which was so much fun. We were so impressed with their acrobatic dives and cannonballs, definitely think there are some future Olympic contenders up here in Salluit.

Out in the community, everyone seems to be rejoicing that spring has finally arrived! While we still find it a little chilly, all the kids are out playing and many community members have gone out hunting or fishing. Meanwhile, the Sal Pals are slowly shedding our Sorels for Blundstones, and have limited our wipeouts to one a day; AKA some BIG progress!

Heroic health moment:

Our heroic health moment for this week was getting to cook some delicious healthy snacks with the boys at the Rehab Centre. We brought up all the ingredients for smoothies and peanut butter energy bites, and it was so fun getting to cook with all of them. They loved getting to picking out their fruits for their smoothies, and making (but mostly snacking) on our energy bites. It was so fun to get to relax and cook with them, and was such a great wrap up to our week.




Sadly, there was a tragedy earlier this week which affected many people in the community of Salluit. We were incredibly saddened by this news and our hearts and thoughts are with all those affected.


Love always,

Your Sal Pals <3

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