Week One = FUN (and done!)

Hello and welcome back to our blog!!! The last four days have been so busy with new and exciting events that it feels like time is flying by here. We CANNOT believe it is already Day 10.

On Friday we attended the school and community picnic we mentioned in our last post and needless to say we left feeling stuffed. We were so grateful to be able to try so many local foods that were new to us, such us roasted goose and traditional dumplings! Our weekend was packed with lesson planning; however, we took much needed breaks to play endless rounds of tag with the kids. They continue to amaze us with how much energy they have.

Yesterday marked our first day of official health lessons. The grade ones impressed us with their ability to identify healthy versus unhealthy foods whereas the grade fours definitely showed off their knowledge and competitiveness in hygiene jeopardy. In a grade 11 health class, we went over the four quadrants of wellness in the medicine wheel, SMART goal setting, and began our personal wellness plans with the students. We are so excited to see the rest of the classes throughout this week and will keep you updated on how they go!!!

Outside of the classroom we continue to discover new opportunities in the community to spend our free time. Sarah has been attending the ladies’ community workouts and her muscles are DEFINITELY feeling it. Every night we have enjoyed a beautiful sunset overlooking Winisk Lake and we even got a glimpse (but no pictures – sorry) of the Northern lights! Everywhere we go we are joined by at least one or two (if not 10) dogs from the community, which makes our walks even better. Today there is a community fishing derby (and potentially fish fry) being held, which we are hoping to check out after school.  We are so grateful to be invited to these events and feel so welcomed by the community of Webequie.

We must wrap this up as we are heading to the school now to finalize our lessons for today – more hygiene and healthy eating habits with the younger grades. We will continue to update you on our time here in Webequie, but needless to say we are endlessly amazed by this beautiful place.

~Later Days~

Sarah and Jamie

Quote of the Day: “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars” (inspired by our Goal Setting lesson with the Grade 11s)

Jamie and his new friend!!

One of the many beautiful sunsets we have seen!

Another favourite sunset 🙂

Sarah with Cujo and Roxie – our two best dog friends!

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