Gym, Gym and MORE GYM!

Hello again! Today was our last day joining in on gym classes and we were successful in meeting each class – at least twice! We are starting to get a hang of everyone’s names but admit we still have a long way to go 🙂 This morning we met with more members of the community to talk more about the culture and community in Webequie. We are learning so much through these conversations and hope to hear more throughout our stay!

Last night we were able to attend a beading class after school with some community members and teachers who helped us each start our own pair of moccasins. We can definitely see and appreciate the large amount of time and work that goes into beading and making moccasins. We also got to try bannock, a traditional bread, which was super delicious!! We are looking forward to attending the beading night each week.

The weather in Webequie has been absolutely beautiful and we have definitely been enjoying the scenery during our walks to the school, grocery store, and around the community. Tomorrow we will get to enjoy the sun even more as we have been invited to an school and community picnic for lunch – which we are very excited for!

Tonight, and most of this weekend, will be filled with planning for next week’s health lessons. We are looking forward to getting into the classrooms and starting peer to peer conversations on important health topics.

~Later days~

Sarah and Jamie

Quote of the Day:

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be” – Winnie the Pooh

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