Sunny Skies and Blueberry Messes

Here we are beginning our travel to Pond at the Ottawa Airport with our first flight to Iqaluit!

After a full day of traveling yesterday and a few quick layovers in Iqaluit, Igloolik, and Hall Beach, we have finally arrived in sunny, beautiful Pond Inlet, Nunavut!

We want to begin by welcoming you to our blog! We are very excited to be able to share our experience as Peer Educators throughout our 6 week initiative with you all, and would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the continued love and support, which have helped us so much over these past few months. We would not be anywhere close to Pond, looking out our window at the mountains and the Nasivvik High School with almost 24-hours of sunlight, writing this blog post if it were not for you and your generosity.

We cannot begin to express our excitement to have woken up in Pond this morning. It is no longer a community provinces and territories away that we have only known through the pictures and stories of other Peer Educators, but rather our new home. Thank you to all the ladies on the plane who so kindly helped us with our Inuktitut! We are very fortunate to be staying with Alex, who is one of the teachers at Nasivvik, which is the high school we will be teaching in, and to have been welcomed at the airport by Janice, the Vice Principal. We have also been able to  meet a few other teachers (and their super cute dog!) who happen to be our neighbours! We began unpacking last night to see that the frozen blueberries we brought with us did not travel so well- so thankful that Alex’s home does not have carpets! Tomorrow we will be going to the school, as well as a few other places in the community with relevant health resources and programs, with our water bottles full of melted iceberg ice, and hopefully will be able to begin teaching very soon!

With love from the North,

Hailey C and Addie B

When Canadian North’s computer system is down and they tell you that they won’t be able to charge you for your oversize and overweight baggage!!

Our first view of Pond’s beautiful mountains from the plane!

The view of Pond from our house!


  1. Life Lesson #1 – Always travel to the North with your food in plastic rubbermade containers !
    Life Lesson # 2 – Always listen to your Mom.

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