Made it to Fort Providence!

Hi Everyone!!

Our names are Chantal and Leah and we have just arrived in Fort Providence, NWT! We are so excited to explore the community today and settle in. Our journey so far has been very fun and we are extremely fortunate to be staying with Linnea, one of the teachers of the school we will be teaching in! Yesterday we arrived in Yellowknife and did a big grocery shop before making the 4 hour drive to Fort Prov!

On the drive we saw a family of bison which was so cool and something we were hoping to experience during our time up north! We have made a new friend since being here, her name is Bay and she is the 9 month old puppy we are living with! Tomorrow we are going to the school and we will hopefully start teaching within the next few days!!! We cannot wait to meet all the kids and create a great peer on peer environment here in Fort Prov 🙂

We are very excited for what the next 6 weeks will bring and will check in soon!!!

Chao for now!

xxx Chantal and Leah

Excited to start our journey!

Plane coming into Yellowknife!

Couldn’t be more excited for the next 6 weeks 🙂

Bison on the side of the highway on our drive from Yellowknife to Fort Providence!

This is Bay the puppy we are staying with! She is an absolute sweetheart

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