Fantastic Four!

Hello again!

It’s hard to believe that we are already in our fourth week of teaching! This week has flown by, especially since Monday was a holiday. Never in a million years did we think we would ever wish for a weekend to be shorter! This past weekend we had another opportunity to show off our developing floor hockey skills. Emma sustained some minor ankle injuries from trying to play with her feet (she still has no idea how to use a hockey stick), while Krista was the MVP scoring a superstar goal. In our spare time we were able to take a long walk around town, stopping at the lookout point to get the best view of the town, the mountains and the ice. We also had the pleasure of visiting a late night candy/chip store located down by the beach. The incredibly friendly owner has been living in Pond Inlet for 25 years and opens up the shop every day at 10 pm! We also had the chance to see some of the dog teams out on the ice (dogs are always an exciting part of our day!). We did lots of lesson planning as well, and bought some fun supplies for our girls night! Needless to say, we were among the few people excited that school was starting again on Tuesday. We continued teaching our sexual health lessons, focusing on healthy relationships and consent, sexual anatomy, puberty, contraceptives, and sexually transmitted infections. We also began planning for our final mental health unit and made a fun sexual health board game for review!

Views of the town from the sea ice!

Tuesday was one of our favourite days this week! We had an amazing turnout of around 25 girls at our girls-only after school activity day! We made cupcakes, painted our nails, played sports (volleyball, basketball, badminton, and dodgeball!!) and had tons of fun. The girls were so excited about making cupcakes so all we had to do was sit back and enjoy the final product (and clean the kitchen!). We even used fancy icing decorations to make our cupcakes extra special! We had no idea that 40 cupcakes could be gone so fast but we definitely enjoyed them.

Tuesday night was spent recovering, answering question box questions, and cheering on our beloved Senators. That being said, we were so tired by the end of the day (the girls wore us out!) that Krista even fell asleep during the Sens game. Emma was shocked as Krista is such a dedicated fan but she woke up in time to watch the Sens pull out the win!

One of the cupcakes we made with our students!

Wednesday involved more teaching, including teaching a lesson to the grade 6’s at Ulaajuk Elementary School. Emma was so excited because every Wednesday at school the foods class makes bannock for everyone! As always, our students were amazing and we decided to play dodge ball after school. We were amazed by the turnout and how well the kids all played together. Krista and I could hardly keep up with everything that was happening!

We still have lots of lessons to teach over the next two weeks that we are so excited about! We will be hosting a movie night tomorrow after school (movie TBD) and we are so excited to try out the school’s popcorn machine, let’s hope we don’t burn it!

With love from Pond Inlet,

Emma and Krista

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