Week 3 Complete!


It has been another whirlwind week here in Fort Providence, both inside and outside of the classroom! This week with the older students we focused on stress management and substance abuse. The students really loved doing our ‘circle of control’ activity to learn about how we can all manage the stress in our own lives. For the younger students, we continued to teach about bullying and introduced healthy relationships and peer pressure. In the coming weeks, we will be shifting gears and focusing on sexual health, covering topics such as puberty, anatomy, safe sex, and STIs.

This week we spent a day at Spring Camp with the Kindergarten/Grade 1 class. They are all bundles of joy that bring light to the universe (can you tell that we had a greeeeaattt time?). We learned tons, got to work on our arts and crafts, and were lucky enough to try plucking Goose. The kids loved running through the streams collecting bugs and tadpoles! To top it off, we got to try Swan soup for lunch. It tastes just like steak!

Jonah plucking a goose at spring camp!

As usual, we also stayed super busy outside the classroom. One day this week we got to help all the students with their community cleanup. We all walked around town collecting garbage, and having a jolly time. It didn’t hurt that we got to have some ice cream after all the hard work.

Who knew garbage could be so fun!?

We also ran a couple of after school programs this week. First, we organized a girls self-care workshop for grades 7-12. We all made friendship flowers full of compliments to build self-esteem and relaxed with some adult colouring. All the girls (and Jonah) really enjoyed this and we will have to organize another one! Friday night, we helped to run a movie night in the Recreation Center for all the kids in the community. The kids ate their weight in (healthy) popcorn and couldn’t take their eyes off the screen for Alvin and the Chipmunks.

colouring during our girls self-esteem workshop

The long weekend also gave us the opportunity to explore some of the spectacular natural wonders in the area. We got out to the Lady Evelyn Falls near Kakisa, where Nadia truly became one with nature (and worked off the homemade gnocchi we made the night before). We enjoyed the amazing waterfalls there, some light hiking, and a nice picnic lunch.

Nadia being one with nature..

Jonah and the beautiful Lady Evelyn Falls

We can’t believe we only have 2 more weeks of teaching here in Fort Providence, but we are enjoying and appreciating every second of it.

Until next time,
Nadia (Kevin) and Jonah (Jojo)

Summer is arriving in Prov!

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