Half Way!

Hello again from the beautiful (and SNOWY) Pond Inlet,

We cannot believe we are half way done initiative! Where has the time gone?

The past week we’ve been incredibly busy teaching in the classrooms, planning lessons and participating in after school activities. Last Friday, students from grades 7 to 9 at Nasivvik participated in a Heritage Fair at the school. The students worked for several weeks to complete projects on various topics such as sports, history, local animals and Inuit culture. It was amazing to see all their hard work pay off and learn so many new things in the process!

On the weekend we (tried to) play floor hockey with some of the teachers at the high school and went cross-country skiing on Sunday. It was hard to focus because we kept getting distracted by the beautiful views of the town and the mountains off into the distance! We only fell a handful of times!

Cross-country skiing!

This week we finished up our unit on substances with the grade 7, 8, and 9 classes and started teaching sexual health beginning with healthy relationships and consent. We are continuing to visit Ulaajuk Elementary School once a week where we have been discussing substances and healthy relationships.

We had the privilege of getting to see the Mace of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut during its stop in Pond Inlet earlier this week. The current Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, George Qulaut, was there and spoke about the history of Nunavut and the Legislative Assembly. All materials on the Mace come from Nunavut, as to the artists who created it!

Beautiful views of the mountains from town

We’ve been keeping busy after school by running a sports and crafts night and participating in the Mentoring After School Program at Ulaajuk! We were so pleased with the turn out and are in the process of planning more events for next week!

Until next time,

Emma and Krista



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