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Today marks exactly 2 weeks since we touched down in the beautiful community of Salluit!! Last week was jam-packed with lessons on bullying, self care and healthy relationships. Although the grade sixes still haven’t quite grasped the concept of a crumpled paper heart (refer to last blog post), we are definitely seeing improvements in other areas!

On Friday, we hosted our first extra curricular event: RUN CLUB! Two students showed up, but the four of us had a blast running(walking) around the community, getting some exercise and soaking up the beautiful Northern sun. The students were fast and we were not…We’re working on it!

Highlights from this week include:

  • First FULL week of teaching !! (!!!!)
  • Joined after school arts & crafts, healthy cooking club and breakfast club!
  • Helped out at another grad fundraiser movie night
  • Invited to brunch with some teachers! (monkey bread for daaaaays)
  • Went to a bonfire with the teachers
    • Abby sunk knee deep in the snow somewhere (Cue “Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band)
    • Emma met another puppy and fell in love (what else is new?)
  • Made muffins and brought them to one of our morning classes
  • Tried face masks for the first time #treatyoself #health
  • Called our moms on Mothers Day (shout out to all the moms, we love you)
  • Student’s guessed our ages as 27 and 29 years old…. (HELP)
  • Hiked to the HUGE Inukshuk overlooking Salluit

Fabulous Funny story of the week: How do we choooooose?! The students here are so much fun and are always making us laugh! On Friday as we were finishing up a lesson, one curious grade sixer noticed Emma’s collection of anklets. In a matter of seconds, the whole class had surrounded Emma’s right leg, effectively trapping her! After a few cries for help, Abby rode in on her loyal steed and rescued the damsel in distress from the sea of sticky, curious hands. We then rode off into the sunset… and then came back to clean up the classroom.

Classy Classroom story of the week: In the last days of our healthy friendships and bullying unit, we thought it would be a fun idea to make friendship bracelets with one of our grade six classes. We gave each student a different coloured bead and had them pass around all the bracelets one by one, each adding their own colour to the strings. In the end, each student (and the teacher) ended up with their own friendship bracelet full of colourful beads, each colour representing a different student. Although the activity took up the entire class, we think the students really grasped the concept: even though everyone is different (different colour beads), when we work together, we can make something beautiful (the bracelets). Everyone in that class is still wearing their bracelet… SUCCESS!!

So far, this has been such an incredible experience for both of us. We are forever grateful to QHO and the community of Salluit for welcoming us with open arms and hearts. We are so fortunate to be able to teach not only at one, but at three schools, allowing us to experience various teaching and learning techniques. We are working hard to adapt all of our lessons to fit each group’s individual needs so to grab their attention and make health fun!

To end with another insightful quote from our particularly quotable co-worker: “A lot of people talk about the magic that started the Big Bang, but what about the magic in each day?”

With love,

Abby and Emma

P.S. Although we still support T. Swift 100%, we have mixed in some Shawn Mendes (bc he can treaaaaat us betterrrrrr… *swoons*)

Emma & Puppies: The Saga Continues


Abby knee deep in the snow somewhere



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  1. The community is blessed to have you in their midst
    A life altering experience indeed!
    Hope you have a tv to watch Ottawa Senators beating Pittsberg in game 3

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