Week 2 with Jonah and Kevin (Nadia)

Hi again!

It’s been another busy and INCREDIBLE week here in Fort Providence! In the classroom this past week, we focused on teaching bullying, stress management, and introductions to substance abuse/addiction. We were also lucky enough to join the grade 2/3s in their spring camp on Thursday. Each week, one grade goes out onto the land for the entire week, and participates in unique cultural learning experiences. During our time at spring camp we collected Labrador tea, picked wild berries, learned about the changing northern environment, watched the skinning of fish and moose, and tried Bannock, Goose, and local fish. We also took it upon ourselves to try and learn as much Dene Zhatie as possible, although we’re slow learners. We loved spring camp so much and are so grateful that the community welcomed us to join them on this incredible learning experience, and we can’t wait to join the kindergarten/grade 1s as well as the grade 5/6s in their spring camps over the next couple of weeks.

Jonah waiting patiently for some smoked fish

Jonas, one of the teachers, demonstrating how to skin a Caribou leg

This week, our evenings after school were filled with going to Bootcamp (we were trying to work off eating about a year’s worth of Bannock during our day at spring camp), playing after school sports, lesson planning, and admiring the Deh Cho River as the ice breaks up (which the kids are especially excited about!)

This week we also ran a fun pancake dinner for students in grades 9-12. It was a great time, and we all had a blast hanging out, doing some adult colouring, and eating some delicious chocolate chip pancakes.

Our busy week didn’t stop on Friday, as Saturday we joined 12 students on a day trip to Yellowknife to see a movie, go swimming, and get some pizza. As if the day trip couldn’t sound any better, we also managed to spot some Bison herds, a Coyote, and a Black Bear along the beautiful scenic drive!!

One of our Bison sightings!

Happy belated Mothers Day to all the semos (Dene Zhatie for Mom) out there!

Jonah and Nadia (or as the kids call her, ‘Kevin’)


Nadia admiring the beautiful breakup of the Deh Cho River

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