Sun Burns and Lung Burns


We have listened to Taylor Swift’s album “1989” about half a million times (and are still loving it – haters gonna hate). We have crumpled red paper hearts in front of unsuspecting grade six classes 1000 times in hopes of them one day understanding how the heart cannot be uncrumpled and how this represents “mean words” and how we can’t always take those mean words back. We have described the four types of bullying hundreds of different ways to appease the wide eyed stares of grade three’s, who are just learning to speak English, all the way up to grade nines who think they’re MUCH too cool to learn about bullying. We have gone for runs, walks and hikes. Abby is lamenting the loss of her sesame snacks and Emma has almost finished a full kg of peanut butter in less than two weeks. We are busy, we are happy, and we are absolutely LOVING every second of it up here.

In other news: Emma has sustained two sunburns because, who thought you needed sunscreen up north?! (update: you most definitely do) and Abby has embraced the hills of Salluit like water would embrace oil… not well (update: Abby hasn’t been able to walk since our run yesterday).

This week is quickly coming to an end and we have succeeded both inside and out of the classroom. Our lessons this week focused on bullying, expressing emotion, healthy relationships and self care. Although we are still learning what kind of teaching techniques work for each class, we are improving every day. Every morning we wake up with smiles on our faces ready to tackle our days full of “ABBY AND EMMA!!” being yelled from across the streets, through school windows and from the backs of quickly moving ATVs.

In the wise words of one of our colleagues, “we can change the world… but slowly”.

Stay healthy friends,

Abby & Emma

After a week of watching Abby munch on crackers and various curries, Emma finally succumbed to the deliciousness…. VICTORY

Pictured is Abby and her new found love, matcha!!!! She is now regretting the past 19 matcha-less years.






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