Week 1 in Fort Providence

Hello, from Fort Providence, We’ve just finished our first full week in the classroom at Deh Gah elementary and secondary school, and it was quite the busy week. We’ve been getting settled into the community and getting into the classrooms while participating in community events and afterschool programming. We’ve officially taught our first lesson to every student in the school grades kindergarten through 12, teaching topics on personal hygiene, physical activity, and healthy eating.

We’ve loved learning about the community from all different perspectives including the students, school staff, and teachers, our new friends at the friendship and health centre as well as the RCMP. This has really helped us tailor our lessons for the next few weeks to fit with the communities priorities.

On our way to our first day of school!

This week was mental health awareness week in Fort Providence and we were lucky enough to be able to sit in on the Drug Safety talks given by the RCMP. We also loved making signs with the students and participating in the mental health awareness walk that involved the students and staff from the entire school!

Deh Gah school’s Mental health awareness walk

In addition to the events surrounding mental health awareness week, we’ve also been able to make it out to the Bootcamp fitness class a few times this week, as well as the after-school sports.  Nadia’s muscles are so sore she can hardly walk! This has really helped us get to know some of our students and practice what we’ve been preaching in the classroom in regard to the benefits of physical activity.

This weekend we had a blast watching Moana at the youth movie night and helping out with the Saturday morning pancake breakfast.

Star chefs from the pancake breakfast

Just to make our week a little busier we’ve also been setting our alarms for around 2 am every night in a desperate attempt to see the northern lights. We’ve had one small success but we’re still not satisfied.. more updates to come.

Until next time from beautiful Fort Providence!

Jonah & Nadia

Beautiful sunset over the frozen Deh Cho River

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