Week 1 Complete!

Carly about to board our plane from Sioux Lookout to Webequie! (Did we mention we almost boarded the wrong plane?)

It’s been a busy week here in sunny (and sometimes snowy) Webequie and we could not be happier to be here! Our first week was full of   introductions to students, teachers, and community members.

One gorgeous view from the island!

On Monday we went to Simon Jacob Memorial Education Centre and were able to get a tour of the school from the wonderful principal, Mary, as well as pop in to say hi to all the teachers and students in the primary school.

By Tuesday we were able to go and meet 2 out of the 3 high school classes that we will be working with while we are here which was exciting. We also had the opportunity to meet with one of our community contacts, Levi, who told us more about the culture and community in Webequie. We had a great conversation with him and hope to see him more throughout our stay!

Wednesday was our very first day actually in the classes, playing introductory games and icebreakers to get to know our students better, and by Thursday and Friday we were teaching almost all day! This week we were able to cover some physical heath topics including nutrition and healthy sleep habits with the older grades and teamwork and cooperative skills with the younger grades!

We had snow all day Friday!

Our weekend has been full of lesson planning for next week and lots of exploring outside around the community. We are so looking forward to the week ahead and can’t wait to get back in the classes tomorrow morning!

Signing off for today,

Carly and JJ

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