Meet the Team

Northern Initiative Team 2017-2018

Initiative Directors


Hi! I’m Carly and I’m ⅓ of the Initiative Director Team for the Northern Initiative this year! I grew up outside of Toronto but now live in a tiny town called Lisle in Simcoe-Grey County. I’m currently in my third year at Queen’s studying History and whatever other courses pique my interest. My loves include dogs, trees, 90s television shows, second-hand stores, running, climbing things (usually rocks) and youth engagement. In 2017 I was a peer educator in Webequie First Nation, ON. My teaching partner and I focused on emotional health and coping strategies while also continuing to build lasting partnerships within the community. As a part of the Northern Initiative I learned so much about Indigenous issues as well as the value of peer-to-peer youth programming, something that I now am hoping to continue with after graduation.


Hi everyone! My name is Krista and I am one of the Initiative Directors this year! I grew up in Ottawa and I am currently in my 5th year at Queen’s studying Health and Biology. I chose to get involved with QHO because I am passionate about youth empowerment and believe that everyone has a right to health education. I enjoy drinking coffee, listening to music, and being outside! Last year I had the wonderful privilege of being a Peer Educator in the community of Pond Inlet, Nunavut. My teaching partner and I enjoyed every second of getting to know our students and learning about the local community and culture. I cannot wait to hear all about what the Peer Educators get up to in and out of the classroom this Spring!


Hey! I’m Emma and I’m one of the Northern Initiative Directors this year! I’m from Ottawa and am currently in my third year of Life Sciences here at Queen’s. I’m passionate about dogs, puppies, peanut butter, oceans, lakes, rivers, trees, mountains and QHO! Last year, I was a Northern Peer Educator and worked with the youth and community members in Salluit, Quebec. My time in QHO has lead me to discover my passion for indigenous affairs and promoting the need for more health care resources in Canada’s north. I have made some lifelong friends and have had so much fun!! Welcome to our blog 🙂

Peer Educators

Sarah: Webequie Peer Educator

My name is Sarah Phillips and I am a second-year student in Health Studies at Queen’s University. In my spare time I love to read, workout, cook new recipes, pet dogs and eat lots of peanut butter!! I chose to become a part of QHO because of my passion for health and youth development. Being a member of the QHO Northern Initiative has taught me how to start meaningful conversations about important health topics through peer-to-peer education, which allows for a more interpersonal learning environment. I cannot wait to apply what I've learned so far during initiative and to meet all of the students and community members of Webequie!

Jamie: Webequie Peer Educator

Hey friends! My name is Jamie and I’m a 4th year in engineering physics here at Queen’s. I grew up in Mississauga ON and my hobbies include camping and playing hockey! I’m so excited to be a part of QHO because I really identify with the values and beliefs that the organization prides itself on. I’m a big believer in peer to peer education and I am lucky to have the opportunity to apply this teaching style in Webequie. QHO has taught me a lot about the importance of health and how talking about these relevant topics can have a strong impact on youth. I can’t wait to continue this learning process for the rest of the semester and while on initiative!

Addie: Pond Inlet Peer Educator

Hey everyone! My name is Addie Burrows and I am currently in my second year at Queen’s studying English. I love jamming out to music, laughing, diving, chatting with seniors about their life stories, playing monopoly, petting fluffy animals, and adventuring! I decided to get involved with QHO this year as the organization’s focus on mutual learning was something that really spoke to me. I was (and continue to be) really intrigued by their needs-based, peer-to-peer education philosophy and love that QHO involves local communities to ensure that their initiatives are culturally relevant. Most of all, I wanted to immerse myself in learning more about the history of Canada’s Indigenous peoples and their cultural values, as well as how to better my role as an ally. Being a part of the Northern initiative has taught me so much about myself and my privilege, and I am really looking forward to continuing learning and reflecting even more with such an incredible group of people. All the wolfpack love!!!

Hailey: Pond Inlet Peer Educator

My name is Hailey, and I am a second year student in Global Development with a minor in Indigenous studies. A few fun facts about me are that my favourite colour is yellow, I love being outside the most in winter, and I cannot go a day without hummus (even better if it’s beet hummus). I have always been very passionate about indigenous issues in Canada, and I recognize that my role as an ally is to address these issues, and offer support to indigenous communities in a collaborative and sustainable way. Growing up in Ottawa, I have had many learning experiences through school and sport where I have been able to better understand what healthy means to me. Through QHO I am hoping to be able to help youth recognize a culturally-relevant and individual definition of a healthy lifestyle by making similar opportunities accessible in their communities. This is my first year being a member of QHO, and it has already had such an impact on my university experience. It is inspiring to be surrounded by so many like-minded, and driven students.

Chantal: Fort Providence Peer Educator

Hi! I’m Chantal and I am in my 4th year with a major in Health Studies! I grew up the small town of Whistler, BC and have always loved spending time outdoors. When I am not skiing, hiking, camping or playing with other peoples dogs, I spend my time figure skating as I am also a member of the Varsity Figure Skating Team at Queen’s. Becoming a part of QHO has been an extremely eye opening experience and I am very excited to experience Canada in a different light. Through QHO I have learned an incredible amount about the indigenous issues in Canada and am very excited to mentor in a peer to peer environment while creating unforgettable bonds with children of all ages. As a health student, I am extremely interested in spreading my understanding of health to others and share the things that make health so important for all.

Leah: Fort Providence Peer Educator

My name is Leah, and I am a second year Kinesiology student. I enjoy hockey, outdoor activities, and spending time with friends. I chose to get involved with QHO because I am passionate about sustainable change and development through health education.  Through QHO I have learned a great deal about how to think critically in difficult situations and how to do so as a team. QHO has given me the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals to further develop my understanding of the Canadian culture. I am so excited to take the lessons I’ve learned so far and apply them in order to make my initiative as effective as possible!

Danica: Salluit Peer Educator

Hi! My name is Danica and I am a 2nd year Global Development Studies major with a minor in Health Studies. I enjoy going for long runs by the Kingston waterfront and trying out new healthy food recipes with my housemate. I initially chose to get involved with QHO because of how it is related to my degree, and how important mental and physical health promotion is for everyone, especially for youth. I believe the best part about QHO is the peer to peer learning approach. I am bringing my knowledge and an open mind to my initiative, and hope that students in Salluit are ready to share just as much. Peer to peer allows for amazing discussions to get started, it creates a safe and welcoming environment and builds amazing friendships! Already QHO has allowed me to do research on Inuit Indigenous culture and I am getting excited about seeing a whole new part of my own country. I just can’t wait!!

Sophie: Salluit Peer Educator

My name is Sophie and I am currently in second year with a major in Psychology and a minor in Global Development. In my spare time, I can be found dancing, making peanut butter sandwiches, and petting any and all dogs I can find. I decided to join QHO because of the organization’s (and my own) passion towards starting important conversations about health-related topics. Through my time with QHO, I have learned about specific concerns impacting Indigenous communities, and have been able to have meaningful discussions with other passionate and like-minded individuals. I am truly excited to be a part of this amazing organization and cannot wait to learn about the vibrant community of Salluit. My goal during my time up north is to develop a further understanding of Inuit culture and to participate in meaningful conversations about the health issues that impact these unique communities. So excited!!

Expansion Directors

Meet the team piloting our brand new initiative in Fort Good Hope, NWT this Spring!

John Thomson

Hi everyone! I am currently in my fifth year at Queen’s in the Concurrent Education program with a Major in Physics and teachable in Mathematics. Some of my passions include hiking, camping, surfing, climbing, star gazing, teaching, binge watching How I Met Your Mother and Friends, cuddling with my cat and of course QHO. I joined QHO in my second year at where I was on the Northern Initiative working with the communities of Pickle Lake and Mishkeegogamang in northern Ontario. Over the years QHO has been a large part of my life, it has taught me about many global development issues that I would have never otherwise learned about studying physics. I have found life long friends and QHO has been part of my family here at Queen’s. This year I was very lucky to be chosen as part of the team to foster relations with the community of Fort Good Hope NWT, and to work along side the community to build a program that will be implemented in the years to come.

Megan Elliot

I am a 3rd year Concurrent Education Student, majoring in Life Sciences with teachables in Biology and Chemistry! My interests include playing guitar and singing (terribly) in my room, reading, and watching The Office. I got started on QHO as a Guyana Peer Educator in my second year and enjoyed learning about the Guyanese culture, as well as filling in relevant health gaps through education. I am excited to use my educational background and previous experience to work collaboratively with the Fort Good Hope community to successfully create a health program that will be sustainable in the years to come.