Who knew you could do so much in a week?! :)

The Monday of this week was Victoria Day, which means no school! With our free day we decided to go on a hike up to the highest mountain point overlooking Salluit, with some of the teachers from school. Though it was extremely windy, the view from the top was spectacular!

the inukshuk and more 054


At our last run club meet, we had asked students whether they wanted to meet on this Monday for our next run club even though it was a holiday. And they enthusiastically said “yes!”. So after our hike, we got ready for another run club meet, and sure enough tons of kids showed up! We are so pleased that the kids enjoy running so much, and we are SO glad to have this opportunity to promote healthy living.

Starting on Tuesday, we dove right back into a week of teaching. We repeated many topics this week for different classes, focusing mostly on mental health, consent, and nutrition.

On Wednesday after school, we were invited to join in on the girls’ volleyball practice. Though neither of us had played volleyball in a very long time, we quickly got the hang of it again and we had so much fun playing with the girls!

On Thursday afternoon, we joined the primary grades for the Fun Run event. For the Fun Run, two big school busses come to take all of the students to the airport at the top of the hill. From there, all of the kids have fun running or walking the 5km back down to the school. This was such a fun event to be a part of!

After school, we held our usual Thursday Run Club meet, and we were impressed to see many students show up after already having participated in the Fun Run today. As we did our usual loop around town, a group of young boys saw us and decided to join in on the fun! They had so much energy (they even cheered out “exercise!” as they ran) and we were impressed to see them make it the whole way around.
This was an especially awesome Run Club meet for two boys who have been consistently attending Run Club meets. These boy got the opportunity to run all the way to the airport and back with an older Run Club student – earning them the opportunity to receive their official Salluit Run Club t-shirts!


Warming up for Run Club


On Friday, we taught several awesome lessons in the morning. In the afternoon, the whole school got the opportunity to participate in the annual Terry Fox run! For every lap that a student ran, $1 was donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. Together, the whole school raised $390 for the foundation!


After the Terry Fox Run. The students and teachers are crowded around getting snacks and t-shirts and jamming to some music.

After school, we held our final ping pong tournament for the Secondary students.
After a fun day of teaching and activities, we ended the night by going back to the school for another Movie Night (a fundraiser for the graduate students). We had an awesome time watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

On Saturday, we held our final yoga class at the Fitness centre. Unfortunately, we did not have many participants, as it was a busy weekend for everyone in Salluit, but we had fun with the few girls who came by.

On Sunday we had beautiful sunny weather to accompany our excursion out on the land. One of the teachers, Carol, took us out to explore the land surrounding Salluit. We visited many beautiful places and landmarks in Salluit. After returning from our adventure, we decided to attend evening mass at the Anglican Church in town. Upon our arrival, a woman very graciously offered to translate the service from Inuktitut to English for us. She gave us headphones connected to a wireless system, through which she translated the sermon.


Final weekend 052


One of the amazing views from our day exploring the land with Carol. The community of Salluit in the valley on the right.

We are very excited for our last 3 days, and we will make sure to enjoy every minute of it before it is time to head home!

A bientôt 🙂

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