Au revoir, Salluit!

Though we are enjoying the warm Kingston weather and sun, it was very hard to say goodbye to Salluit. We have both had such amazing experiences here, and we have learned and grown so much in the process! We couldn’t be more grateful for the time that we had in this community.

For our last week of teaching in Salluit, we had the opportunity to teach lessons at the elementary school, called Pigiurvik School. We went in to see the French and English grade 4 classes, teaching the topic of nutrition over three consecutive lessons. We had a great time getting to know these students, and we loved being able to spread our topic over three lessons – it gave us room for so many fun games and activities, including making our very own homemade pizzas with the students on the last day.

As well as teaching at the elementary school this week, we also continued our lessons at Ikusik high school, and we taught at the Boy’s Rehab Center one final time.

On Wednesday afternoon, we hosted our very last Run Club with the kids. Being our last meet, we decided to end it off with a bang! At the end of the run, we gave out healthy homemade oatmeal muffins to all of the participants, and we also gave everyone their own plastic cup to keep. We brought sharpies with us, and we all signed each other’s cups and wrote each other nice messages.

Talent show+ thevery last run club 033


We then led a discussion about the importance of hydration and drinking water, especially after exercise. After that, we took everyone down to the water tower to fill up our cups with fresh water to hydrate ourselves after our big run!

Talent show+ thevery last run club 070

We had so many participants come out, and we encouraged them all to keep running, even after we’re gone! We’ve passed on the torch to some of the older students who attended many run club sessions, and we know they will carry it well.

Talent show+ thevery last run club 032

We were so happy to have been able to end our time in Salluit on such a positive note. 🙂

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed us along our journey and read our blog posts. Thank you to the community of Salluit for being SO welcoming, and giving us such an amazing experience. We are forever grateful. 🙂

Signing off one last time, Michelle and Steph.

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