♪Making our way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and we’re homebound! (Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh)♪

Hello readers! Thanks again for keeping up with our weekly blog posts! What a week it has been here in Pond Inlet!

On Monday, we began our final week of teaching at Ulaajuk Primary School, separately teaching Abraham and Kate’s Grade 5 classes in addition to Yvonne and Pierre’s Grade 6 classes. In our short time at Ulaajuk, we were fortunate to teach lessons on a wide variety of topics, covering Nutrition, Sleep Health, Fire Safety, First Aid, and Disease Prevention. The students were receptive to our lessons and very eager to participate, providing thoughtful answers to many of the questions we posed.

On Thursday and Friday, we returned to Nasivvik High School to celebrate our final week of teaching with our Grade 7-9 students, bringing chips and cookies to snack on for each class. Playing card games and engaging in life chats, we thoroughly enjoyed these classes, which also gave us an opportunity to say our final goodbyes to many of our students.

This evening, we will be assisting school staff in orchestrating a banquet for the graduates of Nasivvik High School. Although we did not have the chance to teach these students, we feel fortunate for the opportunity to provide assistance in facilitating such a special night; celebrating the many accomplishments of these students alongside their families and friends.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow morning will mark our finals hours here in Pond Inlet; our home for the last 40 days. While excited to return home, we will truly miss the welcoming staff and students at both Ulaajuk and Nasivvik schools. The kindness and support that has been exhibited by students and staff from day one is something that we both appreciate wholeheartedly.

We want to take this opportunity to not only thank the community of Pond Inlet, but also to acknowledge the contributions of all individuals who made our experience on initiative a possibility. Without your guidance, generosity and support, we would not have been able to enjoy such an incredible experience, and it is without a doubt that the memories we have made here in Pond Inlet will be forever cherished.

Signing off for the final time,

Ryan and Sarah

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