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Oops, we were so busy having fun that we forgot to post a blog! This past week was filled with tons of adventures.

We had Puberty and Safe Sex week with our older classes, with discussions on growing up, consent, safe sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. They listened super attentively and had the chance to ask any questions they wanted to. Younger students that had missed these lessons earlier, learned about healthy eating and tooth brushing.

Our after school activities were a ton of fun as well! On Wednesday we attended the classic dodgeball intramural and then JCRs. Since we had a camp this weekend, the JCR meeting was all about preparing and getting organized for that.

Thursday night was BOYS TO MEN: BOYS’ NIGHT at Crolancia. We had an awesome turnout, with about 30 kids in attendance. We played floor hockey and dodgeball, ate spaghetti for supper, and competed in juice chugging and jello eating contests. At the end of the night, each of the boys were rewarded for their hard work with a freezie and a quick tutorial on shaking hands like a grownup.

On Friday night, we headed to Lake Kapkitchi for an awesome weekend of JCR camp activities. We were joined by the JCRs from Lac Seul, which made everything even more fun and exciting. We were extremely impressed with all of the kids, who maintained their positive attitudes despite lots of cold and rainy weather. We were honoured to receive JCR sweaters to commemorate our time as volunteers with the program.

With only a couple of days left here, we are starting to say our goodbyes. We can’t believe it is almost over.

Much Love,

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