Summer Has Arrived in Webequie!

What a busy week we had in Webequie! A week filled with laughter, beautiful weather, and a lot of time in the classrooms! Webequie had a snowstorm last weekend and was 28 degrees and sunny today!

We went into the week not knowing what to expect when beginning our lessons on puberty and sexual health, but we were excited to see how the students would react to the topics we were planning on teaching! We started off by teaching grades 5-8 about the male and female reproductive anatomy before diving into puberty with grades 4-8. With the younger grades we covered topics such as friendship, bullying, the different parts of the body and ran activities that got the kids thinking about their emotions and how they treat others. The students loved our friendship flowers activity! On Friday, we were able to help out at the school bake sale that was fundraising money for the grade 8 trip to Toronto early next month!


Joined by a local puppy on our evening jog!


Our fun and busy days didn’t end in the classroom! We ran another very popular game of baseball with the students after school on Tuesday. They always love having the opportunity to play outside whenever possible! We got the grade 3-6 girls together again on Wednesday evening for some more beading and then we joined the weekly adult beading session with some of the teachers at SJMEC. Georgia was able to finally finish up her beaded flower and Lily is still working away on hers! We can definitely appreciate the large amount of time and work that goes into beading a lot more, now that we’ve tried it! On Thursday evening we ran our first girls only gym time! We were able to learn some of the basics of the student’s favourite floor hockey alternative, broomball. The students definitely showed us up and we’re excited to keep practicing during our last week and a half in Webequie! It’s definitely a lot harder than we thought! The kids had a blast and even began to show us some of their favourite games during the end of the gym period.


One of our students, Ashley was working on her photography skills during our girls gym time! She got some great action pics! 

This afternoon we taught the kids a classic camp game that Georgia learned from her summers working at Camp Quin-Mo-Lac called “Stones”. It’s a fast-paced game similar to capture the flag and the students LOVED it! Afterwards, one of the parents of the students who was playing with us brought out some brand new kites that the Band had just ordered in. We had fun trying to figure out how to fly them in the strong Webequie winds and the kids were full of laughs during our many failed flight attempts. Once we were finally able to get them up in the air we were all overjoyed. It was so great to see all the big smiles on the kid’s faces as they got the kites up in the air and to see them all working together to get the kites ready for flight each time. We had so much fun running around with the kids, it was a great way to spend our early afternoon! Hopefully we will have the weather for a lot more kite flying next week!

The weather in Webequie has been absolutely beautiful! The ice surrounding the island opened up mid-week and we’ve definitely been enjoying the scenery on our walks to the grocery store and around town! We’ve been fortunate enough to get out on the water both yesterday and today with some of the teachers to explore the land surrounding Webequie and enjoy the long weekend! We were able to try out some fishing, visit the cabin that two of the teachers had built, and enjoy an afternoon in the sun on a tiny beach on the shore of one of the surrounding islands. We are very thankful that the teachers have been so welcoming and generous during our time here so far. We can’t say thank you enough!


Joined by some of the teachers at SJMEC on a relaxing boat ride on Saturday afternoon! Thanks again for showing us the beautiful land surrounding Webequie!

We’re going to get back to nursing our minor sunburns, our lesson planning, and enjoying another beautiful Sunday in Webequie! We’re excited to join in on some of the local Victoria Day events taking place tomorrow, such as a treasure hunt, cookout and dance! It’s crazy to think that we’ve only got 10 days left! Going to make the most of it!



Georgia & Lily

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