2 Weeks 2 Go!

Hello friends!!!!

Ryan and Sarah here. We are currently enjoying the long weekend here in Pond and wanted to fill you in on our past week.

It started last Saturday – we were lucky enough to take a trip on the land with some of fellow high school teachers! It was an incredible experience. We traveled by snowmobile and qamutik (thanks to Tyson, our guide!) – a bumpy ride along the Baffin ice. A qamutik is a traditional Inuit wooden sled used to carry people and supplies when making trips on the land. Below is a cool pic of our qamutik!!


Our first stop was the iceberg (as seen in the above pic!). They were really cool and much bigger up close!


Our next stop were the Hoodoos, nearby Sirmilik National Park. Hoodoos are peaks alongside mountain slopes made up of sand, caused by erosion. We stopped to have lunch and tea there, and were able to climb and slide down these unique structures!


On our way to our final destination, Tyson spotted a seal! He was able to shoot it and strapped it to the qamutik to bring home. It was a really cool experience! We stopped at the glacier in the national park for a quick visit before embarking on the journey home. We were super tired when we got back – 11 hours on the land brought some serious sunburns, too.

After our fun-filled weekend, we were back in the classrooms! This week, we taught effective communication, healthy relationships, abuse, and peer pressure. The kids loved our communication game called Communities, most enjoyed by the 7A class.


On Wednesday, we met with the youth group at the library for card games, followed by snacks and chats about healthy relationships. The kids responded well and we’re excited for the upcoming week to continue these conversations.

Next week, we will be teaching our final week in Nasivvik High School before moving to Ulajuuk Elementary School for a week of teaching.

Ta ta for now!

xoxox Gossip Girl

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