Our dreams came true: it rained candy!

Candy Drop 020Highlights from this week’s episode of QHO Salluit:
– Governor General of Canada visits Salluit!
– Candy Drop! (Candy fell from the sky. It was amazing!)
– Edible water bottles!
– Ping-Pong tournament extraordinaire!
Aladdin move night!
– Beginners luck? Michelle is the best yoga teacher!

Keep reading for pictures and full stories from this week’s events!

Another week has come and gone in Salluit, and we are sad to realize that our time here is more than halfway done. We have so many more plans and things that we would like to accomplish during the rest of our time here – we have a busy few weeks ahead of us! But first, let us recap the incredibly busy and exciting week that we have had!

This week comprised a busy schedule of teaching at the high school and the Boy’s Rehab Center. Our main teaching topics this week included drug use and abuse, nutrition, and healthy sleep habits.

On Monday, classes were cancelled in the afternoon for a school assembly with the Governor General! The Governor General spoke at the assembly and congratulated many students for their amazing achievements this year – from running a half-marathon in Hawaii, to winning the Regional Science Fair, and competing in the Arctic Winter Games. During the assembly, three students performed a mashup of Inuit throat singing and beat boxing, which was very cool to hear!

After school on Tuesday, we organized our second Run Club. And once again, it was a huge hit! We had a ton of fun on our run, and great weather to accompany us.

On Wednesday, we were planning to host our first Girls Night after school (a fun evening for the female students involving baking, arts and crafts and more!) but these plans quickly changed when it was announced that Salluit’s Annual Candy Drop would be taking place that afternoon! This is a very exciting event that is unique to the Nunavik region. Johnny May is the only pilot in Canada that is licensed to fly low to the ground and drop objects out of a moving plane. During the Candy Drop, this pilot flies back and forth over top of Salluit’s frozen Bay and drops objects – including coats, mittens, mugs, candy, and much more! – for people to catch. Almost everyone in the community comes out to the Bay to try and catch objects as they fall, and to partake in the festivities. We had an absolutely amazing time participating in this event – and we definitely got our exercise in by running back and forth across the frozen Bay trying to catch objects as they fell! SO MUCH FUN!

On Thursday, we had another Run Club meet after school! We were really impressed to see how much faster some kids had gotten in only a few days! After our Run Club, we quickly went home and got changed to get back to the school in time for the Annual Science Fair. We had a great time at the Science Fair, where we even got to run a booth where we made edible water bottles using molecular cooking. It was a huge hit with the kids! We were also very impressed to see the amount of hard work and dedication that went into all of the students’ projects. We were absolutely blown away by how amazing every class’s project was!

On Friday, we organized our third after school Ping-Pong tournament; this time, for the secondary students. It was so much fun! Though we have definitely improved our Ping-Pong skills in the last few weeks, we are still no match for these Ping-Pong masters!

fam photos 008

On Saturday, we had absolutely beautiful weather! It was so nice out that, for the first time since our arrival in Salluit, we didn’t need to wear a winter coat. We took advantage of the beautiful weather to go hiking up the nearby mountains. In the evening, the graduating students at Ikusik School organized a movie night for the community as a fundraiser for their graduation. We got dressed up in our comfiest sweatpants and slippers and headed over to the school for an awesome movie night watching Alladin!

fam photos 053

Hiking once again with our favorite pal Anuri! 

On Sunday, we hosted and led a Yoga Session at the Fitness Center for all interested community members. We were a bit nervous to lead a yoga session for the first time, but it went extremely well and everyone who came seemed to enjoy themselves!

Thanks for joining us for another episode of QHO Salluit. Stay tuned for another wonderful week of whimsy and waywardness.

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