Week 4: Sports, Sunsets, Sandcastles & More!

Sunday! So that means we just got back from our weekly 10K hike! It has been a beautiful week here in Prov with a high of 26 degrees today! 

This week in our older classes we focused on healthy relationships and consent. We were pleasantly surprised by how many questions we had in our question box, and we were fortunate to spend a few lessons on these important subjects. With our younger classes, we focused on personal boundaries, healthy friendships, and healthy relationships. We even played a fun game of ‘Bubble Tag’ with hula-hoops to understand personal bubbles with our Grade 4s, they loved it!

It has also been a very active week for us. With intramural sports up and running again after-school, we have joined soccer, volleyball and basketball in addition to our rigorous boot camp schedule! If you ever want to find us in Prov, swing by the gym and we will likely be there!

Yesterday we went to Hay River on a swimming and movie trip organized by Play Around the World. We were invited to help chaperone the 12 students who came on the trip! Unfortunately, the pool closed early just as we arrived, so we went to the beach instead! Although you could still see the ice floating in the distance, many braved the cold water to cool off from the warm day! The beach was beautiful and the kids loved building sandcastles and turning some of the kids into mermaids! Despite the change in plans, we all had a blast! After the beach, we picked up some pizza for a quick picnic by the water, followed by a trip to the park! To end our action-packed day, we brought the kids to the movie theatre to watch The Jungle Book. The kids raved about the movie after it finished, and the adults loved the nostalgia it brought! Safe to say after a busy day the kids all fell asleep on the ride back to Fort Providence! 

This week, we are focusing on various topics including bullying, substance abuse and sexual health. It’s hard to believe we only have two weeks left of teaching! Lots of lessons left to pack into our last two weeks, and the Prov Olympics are this upcoming weekend! Planning has already begun and we can already tell the kids are going to have a great time!

Until next week!

J & C

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