Half Way!?

We just finished our second full week of teaching! This week, we taught topics such as tobacco use, alcohol, marijuana, and addictions. These lessons were often topped off with a fun jeopardy game.

On Wednesday, we were also fortunate to volunteer at the library’s youth group. Here, we played musical instruments, drew picturesque #views of the mountains, played board games and shared lots of laughs! This was great as we were able to connect with some of the high school students that we don’t normally have the chance to teach. Next week, we’re going to discuss topics related to healthy relationships with the youth group.

Tonight is the high school spring dance! We’re excited to chaperone and maybe bust a move with all of the kids. We saw the song request list and we can’t wait to hear some fire tunes.

We also plan on going to Sirmilik National Park this weekend. In order to go, you must register with Parks Canada and complete an orientation. We learned about how to deal with polar bears if they attacked – but Sarah hopes to run into one so she can bring it home as a pet.

Next week, we’re teaching communication and healthy relationships! Until next time!

GO RAPZ GO! #wethefarthernorth

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