Another Fun-Filled Week!

This week was super busy and super fun; filled with teaching, playing, and learning.

Our first full teaching day at Missabay was Tuesday, and we saw almost all of the classes. We introduced ourselves and did some stretching. Below is a gorgeous photo we took from just outside the back door at Missabay.


Other lessons taught this week at both schools included hand washing, team work, physical activity, nutrition, and alcohol safety. A highlight in our JK/SK and 1/2 classes was definitely playing parachute games to demonstrate the importance of teamwork.

This week was definitely packed with after school activities as well! We once again joined the weekly dodgeball intramural on Tuesday. We also accompanied the JCRs on a hike on Wednesday. We had discussed the importance of hydration with some of their classes earlier in the week, so we were excited to see them all drinking water as they walked. They showed off both their finished bottles and their ‘dabbing’ skills when we pulled out the camera.

FullSizeRender (2)          IMG_1197

Thursday evening, we joined teachers from both schools for a potluck and friendly volleyball game at Crolancia. Inspired by John and Laura (last year’s PEs), this event was the first in series that will hopefully bring together the communities and allow them to plan more shared events. On Friday, we had a nice dinner with some of the Crolancia teachers.

Overall, this week has held lots of in-classroom time and lots of fun! We are off to Dryden tomorrow to do some grocery and supply shopping, and then will be back in the classroom Monday. Feeling more and more grateful for all the support we have received both in preparation for and on initiative – biggest loving shoutout to our fellow and former peer educators, amazing program directors, exec members, and other amazing supporters. It has been so rewarding to apply all that we learned from each and everyone one of you.

Must love,

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