Week One.. Already??

We can’t believe that we have already been here for almost a week! Our schedule has been jam-packed with activities so far, and we have been have been overwhelmed by the kindness and assistance received from teachers and members of the community.

IMG_1179.JPGWhen we arrived in Pickle Lake on Tuesday QHO’s long-time contact, Lucie, met us just outside of town. She took us for a tour of Pickle Lake in her car and filled us in on everything we needed to know.

On Wednesday morning, we checked in at Crolancia, the school in Pickle Lake, meeting with teachers and setting up our classroom schedule. That afternoon we travelled to Missabay, the school in Mishkeegogamang, to do the same. After school, we went back to Crolancia to participate in their weekly dodgeball intramural.

On Thursday, we continued to meet community members and began to plan our lessons. In the afternoon, we had the chance to attend our first Junior Canadian Rangers meeting, where we tried military rations for the first time and learned how to change a tire with the kids. We finally had time for our first workout, so we went for a run up to the weather station and visited Lucie.

Friday was our first day in the classroom at Crolancia. We saw every class except the 3/4/5s. This session was just to introduce ourselves and play some games, plus we added a quick physical activity lesson with the high school students. Later that night, Brent had us over for a bonfire with the other teachers as their way of welcoming us to the community.

We are so excited to get more into teaching next week at both Crolancia and Missabay!

Much Love,

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