Suitcases, Snowstorms, and Lord Stanley’s Mug

Greetings loved ones…. lets take a journey (*Yes, this a California Gurls reference*)

The first first few days of our adventure have been a whirlwind, with so many new faces welcoming us to our new home Pond Inlet. It all began with a 4am wakeup on April 26th, which saw us struggling as we packed our suitcases to the brim with food and warm clothing. We then made the journey from Kingston to Ottawa (thank you to Ryan’s parents, bless). After many failed attempts at reducing the weight of our bags at the Ottawa Airport (yes, they exceeded the 70lb limit), we were more than delighted when the receptionist shook her head and gave up, letting us take our bags as they were!

After clearing customs, we flew First Air to Iqualit and then took a smaller plane (the smallest plane ever) to Clyde River and Pond Inlet. It was on these flights where we met Sheena and Helen (*shoutout to Sheena and Helen*), who were on their way home to Pond Inlet. The pair were nothing but friendly and kind, already making us feel welcome as our wheels touched down at the Pond Inlet Airport.

At the airport, we were greeted by Claude, who is the Vice-Principal of Nasivvik High School where we are teaching! Claude helped us with our bags and kindly invited us for dinner at the school, granting us the opportunity to meet some of the students.

*Side note, we are posting this so late as we have just received internet capabilities, giving us the opportunity to finally plan our lessons and prep for teaching next week! We will begin by teaching Grade 7 and 8 Health Monday-Thursday and Grade 9 Health on Fridays! We are anticipating further meetings with Bob (the Principal of Nasivvik) and other teachers in order to finalize our schedule!

Unfortunately, the last few days in Pond have been quite snowy, so we have not been able to see the beautiful mountains that everyone is speaking of. However, the dreary weather conditions have been effectively offset by the most amazing news ever!!! Tomorrow, Project North is bringing the STANLEY CUP to Pond Inlet!!! (Ryan’s life is made). School will be dismissed early to give all of the students an opportunity to meet the NHL Legends making the trip with cup and give all a chance to take pictures and enjoy the day! All of Pond Inlet is buzzing with anticipation and we cannot wait to see all of the excited faces!

Stay tuned for our next blog post our about first experiences teaching next week! We are so pumped to get started and cannot wait to learn more about our new home here in Pond Inlet!

Thanks for reading!!!

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