Nous sommes arrivées! (We have arrived!)

We made it to the beautiful town of Salluit!

Our journey here went smoothly – despite almost missing our flight when we temporarily got off the plane at a pit-stop, AND then almost getting on the wrong plane at our lay-over airport, AND the Salluit wind having delayed flights for the last 3 days until our very flight yesterday afternoon – somehow, everything worked out perfectly in our favour, and we arrived safe and sound without any glitches.


The land to the west of Salluit as we descended towards the airport.

In the last 24 hours, we settled into our cozy house for these 6 weeks, explored the town, and completely fell in love with Salluit. The landscape is unbelievably beautiful, the people are so nice and friendly, and we have found our way around most of the community – this morning we discovered the schools, the youth centre, the grocery stores, and the church.


Stopping to admire the beauty of Salluit as we walk back from grocery shopping.


We even met a wonderful new friend! He followed Michelle on a run!

IMG_1096 copy.JPG

Tomorrow morning, we are planning on attending mass at the Anglican church in town, and we will also venture to find the fitness centre. On Monday, we will be meeting with all of the teachers, coordinating our teaching schedule and topics, and planning some after school extracurricular activities. We can’t wait to get started!


  1. Hi Michelle and Stephanie, so nice that you are writing this blog. This is a gift to us! I love to read it and see the pictures. In fact I have a smile up to my hears as I am checking it and getting all the news! C’est super que tout va bien et que vous vous intégré si bien et si vite. Je pense à vous très souvent! Maman (alias Guylaine for Stephanie!)

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