As an unforgettable Crolancia student might say “…I think we’re done!”

Our final week was unbelievable! We were able to join a cultural day with the Native Studies classes at Crolancia on Monday afternoon. We learned how to distinguish the tracks of different small game as well as the Ojibway words for the animals. The students also caught a ton of fish!IMG_6193

The next day was our final day at Missabay and we were able to join the grade 2 and 3 classes on a cultural day outing. Tommy shared stories with us from his childhood and taught us more about the history of Mishkeegogamang- we loved this! We also enjoyed traditional foods like bannock, tea porridge and fish for lunch. Before returning to the school, we were able to watch IMG_6289Gordie skin a rabbit- so fascinating! Rabbit pelts were commonly used for very warm gloves and socks- or many together could be made into jackets and pants! We were really grateful to experienced an outing with the cultural studies classes.

Wednesday was our final meeting with the junior rangers *cue the waterworks* (eeeee, just keeeding). We have grown SO fond of those kids and all the hilarious things they do and say. We spent the evening completing their community serIMG_1361vice project, picking up litter and maintaining a site in the community. The JCRs did an awesome job and we spent the rest of the time taking photos (ones that we will cherish for a very long time).

Our last morning in Pickle was spent packing up the car and soaking in all that we love about the community. We could not have wished for more kind, caring and hospitable people to spend the past six weeks with. We want to thank everyone in the community who made us feel as home, the staff at Crolancia and Missabay for supporting our program and most importantly all of the students for providing endless laughter and energy. We keep our thoughts with the friends and families of those that passed during our time in the community.

Reflecting on our incredible six weeks, we are overwhelmed by how much we learned while up North! We are forever grateful for all the stories, skills and adolescent lingo shared with us. We are truly humbled by the kindness, generosity and hospitality of the people who made our time up North unforgettable.

Wishing all of our new friends the absolute best in the future, we hope to see you all again soon!IMG_6175

John and Laura

PS. The large wild game must have heard about our departure, because four different moose stood by the side of the 599 to bid us farewell on our trip back to Thunder Bay. SO COOL. k, bye!

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