Adventure is out there, and we’ve found it in Pickle Lake!

Hello everyone!!

Another week, another adventure!

On Monday we were at Missabay teaching physical activity, healthy relationships, and teaching soccer skills at the request of one of the teachers. After school we headed to the rec center for several hours of fun! What started as a session of bubbles and IMG_5845soccer in the parking lot quickly transformed into hours of hockey and crafts inside! We really enjoyed spending time with the kids outside of the classroom…and they really enjoyed playing around with John’s GoPro.

The next day was absolutely beautiful outside so we took advantage of the weather and spent the day introducing eacIMG_5950h class to the slackline. We had been talking about slacklining for the past several weeks so the students were excited to finally give it a try. We had the students support each other on either side so that they could walk from one end to the other. It was amazing to see apprehension transform into confidence with thIMG_5910e support of their classmates.

On Wednesday we finished up all our lessons at Missabay. It is wild to think that we our done teaching lessons in Mishkeegogamang. After school we were able to run more after school activities at the rec center. We had to cut the play a little shorter that what we did on Monday because we had much planning to do for our upcoming boys night on Thursday. Laura was unfortunately feeling very sick, so that night John headed to Junior Rangers along. Most of the night consisted of preparation for the upcoming camp on the weekend, and the kids were also taught a tradition dance by a TA that works in there school. This was very interesting and John even got a chance to take part in the dance with the Junior Rangers.

Much like the day before Thursday was a very long day. After a full day of teaching, the bell IMG_6024rang after school and boys night commenced at Crolancia! The boys IMG_6025were put into three teams, Lions, Tigers, and Bears (OH MY!) to compete in a multidisciplinary tournament. The events consisted of a hockey tournament, tower building contest, juice chugging competition, obstacle course, and a mystery event where the boys had to eat cupcakes without their hands. For IMG_6020dinner the boys made their own personal pizzas. At the end of the night, the bears went home with bragging rights, sweeping the competition with a 20-point lead!

Friday morning we went to Missabay only to find that a power surge from the night before had caused a community wide power outage. Unfortunately that meant the school was closed for the day. While we were disappointed to miss out on another day with the kids, we were able to use the day to relax, regroup and prepare for the upcoming camping trip.

After some rest we headed to Crolancia to meet the Junior Rangers and headed out to the camp site. We had a lot of fun with the Junior Rangers this weekend, and enjoyed getting to know some of the kids visiting from Lac Seul. The events of the weekend involved a 16km hike, slackliningIMG_6165, leisure time, games of flashlight tag and camouflage, and a drugs and alcohol lesson. Consistent with the unpredictability of Pickle Lake weather it snowed Friday night while we were camping and then cleared right up by Saturday evening, it sure is tough to keep up with!

We might say this every week, but we actually can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. We only have a few days left here before we embark on our road trip back home. We’re off to make the absolute most of it!

John and Laura

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