That’s a Wrap!

We could not have asked for a better last week here in Webequie! How the time has flown by. After a fun last weekend, we were excited to get back into the classrooms and back with the kids. For our final week, we focused on mental health, anger and stress management, self-esteem, leadership and teamwork, and finished off with goal setting. We were blessed with beautiful weather earlier in the week and often went outside for some of our final classes for some fun and cooperative team-building games.

Monday was a jam-packed day of teaching and ended with a bang at afterschool program with some pet-rocks and bracelet making. Not only did we have fun selecting rocks on our Sunday walk with the kids, but we were happy to finally put our pipe cleaners and googely eyes to good use! On Monday evening we were invited by one of our favourite staff members at SJMEC, Bob, to attend another traditional sweat lodge ceremony. What a great experience to begin our last week here in Webequie.


Tuesday brought another busy day in the classrooms where we focused on self-esteem and differences. Afterschool we joined up again with the Native beading group and made some creations that were lack-luster compared to kids. They are so talented- making beaded beavers, flowers and suede bags. They surprised us with a few beaded key-chain treats later on in the week.

On Wednesday the grade 1, 2 and 3 classes blew us away when we worked on healthy relationships and self-esteem. It was so great to see the students excited about giving compliments to one another and making their very own “Friendship Flower”. Afterschool was our final girls-only gym time where we played their new favourite game, bench ball, and wrapped up with some classic ball hockey. We both agree that our hockey skills have vastly improved over the past 5 weeks, and we finally felt like we could keep up with the all-star hockey girls.


           Between classes on Thursday and Friday, we had the opportunity to lend a hand in the grade 8 class helping them finish off their projects for the Science Fair. For our final Thursday afterschool Cooking Club we kept things simple but always delicious with one of Katie’s all-time favourite recipes – Peanut butter banana wraps. We had quite the party on Thursday night making our farewell cards and cupcakes for the classes.


cupcakes anyone?



Friday was filled with some bittersweet goodbyes to the staff and students, as it was our last day of teaching in the school. We began the day with a final lesson on goal setting with the grade 8s, then made our rounds to each class to say our thank you and goodbyes (107 cupcakes in hand). Friday afternoon was the school’s Science Fair. We have been watching each of the classes work so hard on their projects- they were very proud of their creations and booths set up in the gym. Afterschool, we finished off our final day with a huge ball hockey tournament.


Meg having a blast at the science fair

To wrap things up…

Another big shout out to our ever-loving families and all their support over the past months. And just one more to our incredible QHO Northern family and Peer Directors Erinn, Erin and Kelsey. Without their dedication and passion, none of this would have been made possible. We are “ever” excited to hear all about the other initiatives experiences and their stories, we know they did a wonderful job.

To the administration team, teachers, and the amazing students at SJMEC, thank you for welcoming us with open arms and allowing us to spend time in your community and classrooms. The staff has made us feel right at home at the school and are such amazing role models for the young girls and boys.

We cannot express our gratitude to everyone who has made this wonderful experience possible.IMG_7896

This is Katie and Meg, signing off- Miigwetch Webequie!

Xo – Katie & Meg

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