More Than Half Way Done

Happy Tuesday everyone! Our holiday Monday brought us 15cm of snow along with some quiet time indoors. The Pickle Lake weather always keeps us guessing seeing hoIMG_5715w we got some nice sunburns two days prior during a long day of fishing. Feeling very deprived of the kids we headed to Crolancia on Tuesday to start the teaching week. Active living would be the main focus of the week for the IMG_5749Kindergarten class as well as the 1/2/3 class. The 4/5/6 and 7/8 classes would be learning about healthy ways of dealing with stress. We were also jumping into sexual health with the high school students for the week. On both Tuesday and Thursday at Crolancia we were able to run very successful Sports/Craft club after school with getting more than 15 students each day. One of the boys thought he could do more push ups than me so we decided to put this to the test…. he was correct! IMG_5701 Wednesday and Friday we were in Missabay teaching many topics such as teeth brushing, nutrition, mental health, stress, self-esteem, and active living to many of the grades from kindergarten to grade 8. Wednesday evening we spent another night with the Junior Canadian Rangers program. This week we went fishing near one of the damns connecting LakeIMG_5702 St. Joseph  and Osnaburgh Lake. Many of the kids caught some northern pike. Unfortunately we didn’t have any fish to show for our efforts. The night was still a fun time and a huge success, as we got to have many car ride sing alongs as well as camp fire chats with the kids.Thursday after running after school activities and finishing all our preparation work early we found some time to take Lucie’s two Bernese Mountain Dogs (Sako and Scarlet) for a beautiful sunset walk on some local trails by the lake. We had so much fun we decided to steal the girls again on Saturday to explore the woods even more. After taking the girls for a walk on Saturday we headed home and prepared for the dance we volunteered to help Kayla (a teacher at Crolancia) run. This was very fun, we even got to DJ for the kids portion of the dance. After helping clean up after the dance we headed home for a quick nap beIMG_5810fore waking up bright and early Sunday morning with only 3 hours of sleep. Kayla picked us up bright and early to hit the road for our 8 hour round trip drive to Dryden to get groceries. Along the way we had time to have many great life chats with Kayla about her time in school and how she ended up in Pickle Lake. We also saw several more bears including a couple very small cubs! Adorable! As soon as the groceries were put away we took a well deserved nap and got ready for the upcoming week.

Hard to believe this is our last full week at each school and that we’ll be back on the road home in just over a week’s time.

Trying to pack in as much as we can in the time we have left here.

Laura and John

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