Only 1 more week?!

We can’t believe we are about to start our last week here!

This past week has been a blast. After a snowy Victoria Day Monday spent indoors, we were ready to get back in the classrooms.

On Tuesday we continued with substance abuse and smoking lessons with the grade 6/7’s, and focused on sexual health with the grade 8’s. That evening, we had dinner with past QHO Co-Director, Northern PD and Webequie PE, Fabi! She has so many great ideas- we always love talking to her. Later that night, we went to a workout class put on by Lemon Cree, open to the community. This healthy living oriented organization travels around to different reserves and provides a workout program for 1 one week, as well as a cooking class, and other fun fitness-based activities!

Wednesday was a very exciting day- Webequie’s annual Career Fair! The majority of the community attended the event, and many different companies flew up for this special day. Many groups spent the morning going into the classrooms and giving presentations, and then held a massive career fair in the afternoon. Mike Scott, an Aboriginal motivational speaker from Saskatchewan, even made the big trip up here and gave a very moving speech. We were lucky enough to be able to put up a poster for the fair that talked about nutrition, food labels, and diabetes!


We <3 nutrition (and pie!)

On Thursday we got back to teaching, focusing on healthy relationships and consent with the older grades, and puberty with some of the grade 4’s and 5’s. At after school cooking club, we made some yummy pizzas! That night we also went to the flea market and purchased a pie in support of the schools graduation ceremonies in June (the pie was gone that night).


Webequie wins the award for best sunsets

We wrapped our healthy relationships lessons on Friday, discussing abuse and anger management.Our last weekend here has been amazing. We ran a leadership workshop on both days, and finished it off with a great wiener roast at the North Point! We played a lot of cooperative and team-building games, made posters to hang up around the school, and talked about all the qualities that make up a leader. The wiener roast today was a huge hit, with over 30 kids coming out to roast some hot dogs, marshmallows, and play a massive game of “Sasquatch”. While Meg bonded with some girls around the fire, Katie was determined to show the grade 6/7 boys what she’s made of.


Meg completes a successful human knot!


Katie soaking up some rays


Fire time!


We have had an great time here so far, and can’t wait to see what our last week has in store for us!

-Katie & Meg xoxo

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