What an incredible and busy week in Pond! We were back teaching in the junior high classes this week and we taught lessons on consent, healthy relationships and self-esteem. The self-esteem lesson was one of our favorites because we got all of our classes to make warm and fuzzies. Warm and fuzzies are when each person makes an envelope and the rest of the class writes compliments or positive messages to each other. It is always so nice to see the students’ faces when they open them at the end of class and get all of the happy messages. We also taught a lesson and led a discussion about healthy relationships one evening at the local library. It was nice to connect with some community members who aren’t our usual students and see different perspectives about what is relevant to the community. We also led our usual sports and crafts afterschool, which are equally as fun for the students and us.

On Friday night we hosted a boy’s night at the school from 3:15-9:30. We had snacks, lots of sports, pizza making, cupcakes, popcorn, movies, board games, video games and even a rap battle! Making pizza from scratch was a lot harder and more time consuming then Kaitlyn and I had anticipated but luckily a lot of the students stepped in to help make the process a lot smoother! We are looking forward to our girl’s night next Friday now that we have some of the kinks worked out.

DSC_0654 DSC_0600


We also had the opportunity to go out on the land on snowmobiles twice this week. We got to go to two different yet equally as spectacular icebergs that are about an hour-long snowmobile ride from the town. We were a bit chilly by the end of it but the experience was well worth it! We couldn’t imagine going for week or two-week long camping trips like many of our students do, we still have a bit of toughening up to do.



We are extremely excited to be teaching in the senior highs this upcoming week!

Until next time,

Jill and Kaitlyn

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