On Friday evening we had the opportunity to help out one of the elementary school teachers, Sarah, with the first ever grade 6 sleepover, although very little sleeping actually occurred. They started right after school and had a very packed and exciting schedule including soccer, t-shirt dying, a yummy dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread, board games, badminton, movies, charades, cupcake baking, video games, hockey, ice cream sundaes, bracelet making and much more.

sleepover schedulecupcakes

We arrived just before dinner because we were running after school programming with the high school students, and all of the grade sixes were very curious to meet us and see what we were doing there. We had lots of fun playing various sports with the students and helping prepare all of the snacks and activities.
ice cream

Kaitlyn and I were even the team captains for an extremely competitive game of charades in which the winner got to choose the next flavor of chips that would be opened (high stakes!) We snuck in a short nap on the stage while watching a movie around 3 am but stayed awake the majority of the night! In the morning the students ate pancakes and helped clean up the school before heading home around 8 am. We went home after that and slept for about 8 hours and woke up extremely groggy and confused. Overall it was a really fun night for both us and the students and we hope it is a tradition that continues for future years

End of sleepover pic

The weather here in Pond has been beautiful so we have been fortunate enough to go for nice long runs and do some cross country skiing after school. The views here are truly breathtaking and we often have to stop in the middle of our workouts to taking photos because the scenery is one in a million!

We are looking forward to another full week of teaching with the junior high students along with our afterschool activities!


Jill and Kaitlyn

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