A snowy end to the week

Where has the time gone!

We have had a great week here, enjoying some of the warm and sunny weather that came around midweek (it is currently a snow storm and windy, but we enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted!)

We’ve been very busy in the classrooms, starting off on Monday where we discussed the effects of smoking with the grade 4’s and 5’s, and covered puberty with the 6/7’s. For Monday’s afterschool program, we were able to run our first Craft Club. To our delight lots of kids came out to make their very own stained glass window designs. With patterns like flowers, trees, dream catchers and birds, the kids got crafty and creative producing some beautiful tissue paper art.


On Tuesday we continued our lessons on sexual health with the 6/7’s as well as touching on oral hygiene with the grade 1’s, and smoking with the grade 3’s. After school, we joined some kids in the Native Language room again for some Native Beading, where we took on a simpler project than last week’s flowers and made some pretty beaded necklaces.


Katie’s trying to impress the girls by attempting a handstand!

Wednesday was a busy day in the JK and grade 2 classrooms! In the afternoon the sunny weather called for some playtime outside with the grade 1’s, involving a lot of freeze tag! We had some girl’s gym time after school, playing handball, and then we headed outside for a few soccer-baseball and soccer games!

We started our lessons on substance abuse on Thursday, with the emphasis on the effects that alcohol can have on the body, and the dangers of abusing prescription drugs. The grade 5’s and 6/7’s tried their hand at some QHO Jeopardy, and all practiced the recovery position on one another. At cooking club we made some yummy pancake muffins- an portable and easy breakfast for on the go!


On Friday we finished off the week wrapping up our sexual health and substance lessons with the older grades, and talked about lice and body hygiene with the younger ones! That evening we were invited out to casual rec volleyball with some community members, and played in a round robin style tournament. It was an evening full of friendly competition- our team ended up winning!


Meg owns to vball court

Our Saturday began with a long and sunny walk to the Southern end of the island and ended with a great Boys Night in the evening. We started with making some pizzas, followed by around robin style hockey tournament, a cupcake-eating contest, and wrapped up the night by heading outside for some baseball. Special mention to our very own Katie for actually winning the cupcake-eating contest – everyone at home was rooting for you I’m sure.IMG_7598IMG_7600

With the unfortunate weather on Sunday, we have had to reschedule our wiener roast we had planned, to a later (and sunnier) day. Can’t wait for our 4th week here!

Thats all for now!

-Katie and Meg xoxo

P.S. we woke up this morning to about 15 cm of snow- nothing says happy May long weekend like a snow day!

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