Past the halfway point?!

IMG_5437Happy Victoria Day weekend everyone!

Mother Nature has been keeping us on our toes this weekend. Yesterday we enjoyed clear skies, sunshine and twenty-degree weather. This morning we woke to freezing rain, a winter storm warning and tomorrow’s forecast of snow (20 cm). I guess that’s Northern Ontario for ya!

Once again we had a great week at both schools and we’re really starting to get to know the kids. The week started off at Missabay where we were teaching hand washing, stress and self-esteem.IMG_5400

At Crolancia, we were working on teeth brushing and nutrition with the JK/SK’s and 1/2/3’s, bullying with the 4/5/6’s, self-esteem and communication with the 7/8’s, and more teamwork/communication with the high school students.IMG_5365

We helped with breakfast club Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and held sports club afterschool at Crolancia on Tuesday and Friday.

On Wednesday we were able to join the Junior Canadian Rangers for the evening and gained some new skills. We absolutely loved hanging out with the kids at JCRs, and found out just how hilarious many of them are.

IMG_5574When we arrived home from school one day this week we found Eugene hanging up antlers on the front of the house. Classic Eugene. These antlers are from the biggest bull he’s ever harvested. He told us that once when he was working in the mines, he won a competition for “The Ugliest Antlers”, he’s still pretty proud of it.

We spent Saturday out and about with Brent, Dave and Nathan. From 9am to 9pm we were canoeing, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors.


We spent the day in three different spots in and around Lake St. Joseph, it was such a lovely day to be outside. The weather has now taken an unfortunate turn as we experience a winter storm with freezing rain and snow in the forecast for tomorrow.

On the bright side the weather has given us reason to stay in, plan lessons and recharge going into week four.

Hoping for beautiful weather for the next couple weeks so we can get some of the kids out on the slackline and spend some more time paddling here in Pickle Lake.

Enjoy your long weekend!

John & Laura

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