Off to a Great Start!

Hello again!

The big day we were waiting for was finally here! We began our day off pretty early in order to make sure our suitcases were all within the proper weight requirements and of course for some last minute packing. We were both worried whether or not the meat that we had bought the previous day would go bad as we only had a few icepacks. Lucky for us we had Kelly and Jeff who came up with a pretty effective system in making sure our food would be fine.

When we arrived at the airport we were both really surprised to see that all 4 of our suitcases stayed within the weight requirements. As a precaution we had made sure that Kelly brought a duffle bag so that we could throw some of our clothes and food into it. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

After saying our goodbyes our next stop was security. We ran into a little bit of trouble, as our pesto and hummus was confiscated. A rookie mistake.We arrived in Pond Inlet after about 9 hours of traveling and a kind RCMP officer and his wife, Paul and Joyce picked us up and gave us a short orientation of the community before dropping us off at our new place with Jenny-Lynn. She had dinner prepared for us and filled us in with more information about teaching and the communities.


The view that will never get old

This morning we had an absolutely breathtaking walk to school, being so close to the mountains. We arrived at the school and had the chance to meet with the principal Rachel, vice-principle Margot, and student support teacher Anne. We discussed our goals for our time here and they gave us some guidance about what important topics to cover are. We got the opportunity to meet the rest of the lovely staff and students and see how the day-to-day operations of the school works.

We then went to visit the RCMP office and they filled us in with their role in the community and gave us some additional advice about what topics are relevant in Pond Inlet and how to approach some of the topics. We then checked out the grocery store and picked up some milk and other essentials. It is a very large grocery store with a  lot more variety then we had guessed going in. There wasn’t a lot of fresh produce but luckily we brought up a lot of frozen vegetables and fruit with us. We have more meetings at the school tomorrow and also a meeting set up with the health clinic to gather as much information as we can before we start teaching! We are going to start teaching full-time tomorrow. We look forward to learning more and immersing ourselves further within the community!


Jill and Kaitlyn

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