Week 5 Going On Week 6… Where did the time go?

As the end of project comes closer and closer, we can’t help but think of all the ups and downs that have happened along the way. Last week, we were sad to learn that school was cancelled Monday to Wednesday but happy to have the opportunity to visit the smaller satellite communities around the reserve. Each day we visited Eric Lake, Ten Houses, and the main reserve to play on the playground, toss around the soccer ball, and just have a fun time with the kids. This was definitely one of the many highlights of our week.


Some of the adorable little ones, we had quite the steady crew going by the time Wednesday rolled around.


Had a blast playing at the playground!


By the time Thursday rolled around, we definitely missed the kids and were ready to be back at school. This was our last week teaching the grade sevens and eights as they are away on a trip to Thunder Bay this week. We did our healthy relationship unit with these grades as well as finished off sexual health and substance abuse with some of the other grades. On Thursday, we hosted a joint Girls’ Night between Missabay and Crolancia. The girls were a tad shy at first but had fun doing a photo-scavenger hunt, a toilet-paper dress making competition, decorating cupcakes, eating lots and lots of spaghetti (a fan favourite this trip), and playing on the playground.


Elaine thoroughly enjoyed her toilet paper dress, although the girls were a tad shy in photos.


Showing off some of our talents on stage with a Pickle-Mish combo team!

After a busy day, we baked brownies Thursday night for the Spring Feast on Friday. Spring Feast is a school-wide lunch organized by the cultural teachers in the school, with food prepared by the staff or community members. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the week with the students and say goodbye to the grade sevens and eights before they left! We hope they’re having a fantastic time in Thunder Bay and want to ay congratulations to all the grade eights that will be graduating when they return.

Over the weekend, we lesson-planned and left for one last Junior Canadian Rangers camping trip on Saturday. In addition to the lovely weather, Aaron caught fish, Elaine took a dip in the lake, and we definitely enjoyed the canoeing. Sunday night was spent lesson-planning and getting ready for our last full week of fun with the kids! Although we are excited to be going home, we’ll definitely miss all of them so much. We’re looking forward to hanging out with them at the community center this week from Monday to Wednesday as well as making a special trip to Eric Lake and Ten Houses Thursday for our final goodbyes.


Just catching some fish.


Taking a swim at Mud Lake!


Another beautiful sunset in Mud Lake!


Until next time!

Elaine and Aaron




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