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The past few weeks have been EVER eventful, here’s just a few highlights:


Side note, the kids here use “EVER” a lot:

While touching (and tugging!!) Amy’s hair: “Ever long and curly”

When patting Kersh’s hair: “Oooo ever fluffy”

The few times we showed up a few mins late to class: “Ever late!!!!”

That one time we showed up early: “WOW ever early!”


With the weather becoming ever nice, the kids have been biking outside on a daily basis. Kersh has also been busy fixing broken bikes..especially little Jackson’s (which breaks down literally every five meters.)

One day, Kersh decided enough was enough and proceeded to teach Jackson how to fix his own bike. We’re happy to report that Jackson’s now an expert at bike repairs, though it did take him a little while to realize his new found talent..

Jackson: “Amy, where Kersh? He fix my bike?”

Amy: “Kersh is busy right now, but remember he taught you how to fix your own bike 10 mins ago?”

Jackson: “OH YA!” *runs off, flips his bike over with ease & proceeds to expertly fix his bike.

Kersh teaching little Jackson how to fix his bike

Kersh fixing a bike (for the 20th time that afternoon)

In addition to biking, the kids are still very much engrossed in hockey. Sometimes though, the classic “being able to see where you’re running and shooting” just won’t do, so they take it upon themselves to spice things up.

2014-05-16 10.15.18

We also quickly realized that the situation here with nutrition is far more complex than a lack of knowledge. Prices for produce and just about everything in general is HIGH. It’s almost comical how excited we get at the sight of the elusive 50% off pink sticker.

It's ridiculous how happy we get at the sight of this sticker

We live to find deals like this at the Northern


In the classroom, we’ve been talking about physical and sexual health. We’re focusing on discussion based learning, along with a wide array of activities to suit each grade level. For the older grades, we’ve seen notable improvements in engagement levels once we began asking for discussion responses to be individually written, rather than verbally shared amongst peers.

shrinking island!

Grade 3 boys working together on the shrinking island!

Game of Life: Puberty Edition for Girls

Learning all about puberty with the Game of Life: Puberty Edition


On Friday, we couldn’t believe how hot it was outside! Weather that nice called for an intense game of dodgeball, gr.1s vs. teachers:

2014-05-23 15.14.572014-05-23 15.15.32


Career Fair was last Wednesday in the gym and that was quite the spectacle. Representatives from various organizations and companies flew into Webequie for this special occasion, along with singer Crystal Shawanda!

Career Fair!

Career Fair!

Crystal Shawanda signing autographs

Crystal Shawanda signing autographs for her adoring fans

Crystal gave a phenomenal performance and graciously signed autographs for her swarm of adoring fans (only the girls approached Crystal —  the boys were painfully shy and refused to stand within a 3 meter radius from her)

Tyler decided that he was famous enough to hold his own autograph signing. The girls eagerly swarmed him, clearly overcome with emotion by his presence.

Tyler being ever famous!

Tyler being ever famous!

The school’s shuffling crew also gave a vibrant performance.

SJMEC Shuffle Crew

SJMEC Shuffle Crew


It’s hard to believe we’ve entered our last week of teaching at SJMEC. We are spending as much time with the kids as possible (and they’re ensuring we do!) Excuses like “sorry guys, we’ve got to go eat now” simply aren’t tolerated — and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

dinners just wont be the same after our stay in Webequie

Dinner Time at the QHO household is never a dull moment

2014-05-23 18.04.05

Yes, those are children plastered to our window.



Till Next Time!


Amy & Kersh


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